• Sleep Number's Long-form Content Draws Viewers In
    In the first of a three-part content series, Josh Jacobs describes his love for the sport and how important it has been to his life. Sleep Number videographers were at the NFL draft in Nashville when Jacobs was recruited by Oakland two months later.
  • From Print (Yes, Print!) To (At Least) Social
    When Erin Killion, Director of Media at B2B agency Point to Point, came on board, many clients were still using print. Listen as she talks about how the agency brought clients into the digital age and got them on social, to start.
  • Take A Peek Inside WaPo's Insights Team
    Annie Granatstein, Head of WP BrandStudio, The Washington Post, told our Publishing Insider Summit about how the publisher creates engagement with its readers and for its advertisers. "We have the Washington Post Insights team, which does in-house surveys. We're lucky to be able to tap into them." Find out why!
  • Publishers Finding New, Non-traditional Revenue Opportunities
    Belo and McClatchy have been building out their agency services for clients, but one chose to build it themselves and the other relied on acquisition. Here, they compare and contrast their strategies around internal organization, go-to-market offers, and lessons learned. Listen in.
  • 3 Publishers Eye January's Privacy Law Debut
    "There's an opportunity for a first-party data owner with logged-in, registered users," said Christopher Moore, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Publishers Clearing House. "It's a differentiation factor for any brand."
  • Conde Nast Dives Deep Into Video
    Conde Nast is modernizing through video. It now has 17 global brands, makes over 4,000 videos a year, and a billion viewers per month. "We're trying to create brand, not magazines anymore," says Kathryn Friedrich. Learn from a master!
  • BuzzFeed Goes All-Affiliate In Its Deal With Walmart
    "We knew there was a big opportunity here to capitalize on what we own in the cooking space to drive affiliate and commerce for one of our big partners," said Nilla Ali, VP of Strategic Partnerships at BuzzFeed. Find out how it aligned with Walmart!
  • 'Heteronormative, White, Cisgender Men' Miss Multicultural Opps
    "The riches are in the niches, right?" REVRY's Damian Pelliccione said, to the audience's amusement, before more sternly advancing the idea that companies need to have more women in the C-suite, more women of color, LGBTQ, and Latino. Listen as he talks about REVRY's beginning!
  • Here's One Data-driven Publisher That Calls On A Bible
    Refinery29 is on many, many platforms -- each with its own set of metrics -- and they are ever-changing since they're all tech-driven companies. So it came up with what it calls The Audience Bible just to keep track of them. Watch as one panelist asks for the deets!
  • 'Like Changing The Tires While The Car's Going 60 MPH'
    Yet, G/O Media CEO Jim Spanfeller predicted that programmatic will endure, which is "a very good thing for publishers." Whether that will be done through first-party data is probably unlikely because it's too thin for marketers who want scale. Listen in on this absorbing Q&A with our Steve Smith!
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