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  • Mediaedge:cia (MEC)-AT&T, "AT&T's Title Tweets"
    Mediaedge:cia (MEC)
    AT&T, “AT&T’s Title Tweets”
    Finalist Social: Use of Twitter

    Sports fans are passionate. They will douse you in Duff's if you publicly degrade their team. AT&T predicted that passion would translate to usage when they sponsored the NCAA Basketball tournament. By embracing Twitter they got phones in hand as viewers delivered rally cry tweets, and data usage surged, as that slamdunk heard 'round the stadium could be seen 'round the world with twitpic photos. Live tweets ...

  • Weber Shandwick - PepsiCo, "Throwback Your Look"
    Weber Shandwick
    PepsiCo,  "Throwback Your Look"
    Finalist Social: Advertisement as App

    Weber Shandwick tapped into 1970s nostalgia by creating a Facebook app that let users upload their photo and have it automatically converted to a period look utilizing a library of far-out hair-do's, groovy threads and gnarly background settings. The retro campaign was designed to promote limited-time "Throwback" varieties of Pepsi and Mountain Dew made with natural sugar.


    Weber Shandwick: Wally Sabria, Senior Vice President, Creative Director; ...

  • Razorfish - H&R Block, "Don't Miss It"
    H&R Block, “Don't Miss It”
    Finalist Social: Advertisement as App

    H&R Block somehow managed to make tax time fun, or at least less painful, with a game on YouTube that uses the sites' video annotation technology to detect subtle differences in two similar images. The idea was to draw a link between not missing anything in the pictures and H&R Block not missing any deductions reviewing taxes. The tax preparation giant also slips in tax-related messages tied ...

  • RAPP - Travel Channel, "Kidnap!"
    Travel Channel, “Kidnap!”
    Finalist Social: Advertisement as App

    To build a younger audience and drive traffic to, the cable network knew it had to do anything but use traditional marketing to reach its target demographic. The result was its travel-themed Kidnap! app for Facebook which challenges users to "kidnap" their friends to their favorite hideout city using a variety of methods. To escape and kidnap their own friends, players have to answer a travel trivia question. Kidnap! ...

  • Arc Worldwide - Whirlpool, "Building Blocks"

    Arc Worldwide
    Whirlpool, "Building Blocks"
    Finalist Social: Campaign

    You're a big brand partnering with Habitat for Humanity. You have a huge project you need to promote with no budget. What do you do? You partner with Yahoo Beta Broadcast, you create a Facebook page to keep hammerers and woodworkers connected, and you document the whole dang thing live. At least, that's what this entry did. Their channel was the top-viewed channel on Yahoo live due to Facebook engagement and takeover of the ...

  • Razorfish - Mattel, "Barbie's 50th Anniversary"
    Mattel, "Barbie's 50th Anniversary"
    Finalist Social: Campaign


    Tweets wrapped in glossy pink lipstick, Facebook updates slathered in fashion and bling-studded giggles - all delivered by the new, digital, Kanye sunglasses swaggering, blunt-cut-bang sporting Barbie. Her blond ambition got an upgrade as she delivered her new modern self through social media channels while staying loyal and true to the Barbie brand.  Her pals include @KimKardashian and helps promote partners like Yogaglo and Heidi Klum. Buzz generated 67 percent ...

  • Aspen Marketing Services - AirTran Airways
    Aspen Marketing Services
    AirTran Airways
    Our micro site is also live:

    Finalist Social: Campaign

    Comedian and filmmaker Mark Malkoff is afraid of flying. To get over it, he spent an entire month living on AirTran. He slept in overhead bins, did unmentionables with baby wipes, and documented all of it through Flickr photos, Twitter updates, Facebook activity, YouTube, his blog, and Myspace. Mark even nabbed himself a Guinness World Record along the way. The ...

  • Situation Interactive - Next to Normal, "Next to Normal, the Twitter Performance"
    Situation Interactive
    Next to Normal, “Next to Normal, the Twitter Performance”
    Finalist Social: Use of Twitter

    The curtain rises, cue the music... send the tweet? Situation Interactive successfully drove conversation about social media in the theatre world by truly giving Broadway fans a peek inside. By performing Next To Normal on Twitter the team won over 500,000 followers - and growing. The show was nominated for 11 Tony awards. Next To Normal shines ...

  • Aflac-Aflac, "Aflac Social Duck Twitter Page"
    Aflac, “Aflac Social Duck Twitter Page”
    Finalist Social: Use of Twitter

     The "Aflac" honk is one of the most recognizable brand sounds in America. Give that duck a Twitter handle and you get a ducks-eye-view of the human world and quacky promotion of Aflac's sponsorships and philanthropies. Tweets like "Aflac All-American activities support pediatric cancer research efforts. Let's have a nationwide philanthropy high-five" and "I'll have to run the numbers when I get home, but I ...

  • Time Inc. Lifestyle Digital -, "5 to Try"
    Time Inc. Lifestyle Digital, “5 to Try”,28816,1893480,00.html
    Finalist Video: Campaign

    It's not easy competing in the recipes niche, one of the most crowded areas on the Web. But a regular video series can help lure visitors and attract advertisers. T-Mobile linked up with popular recipe site to promote its "Five Favorites" campaign with "5 to Try" Web videos on easy recipes. It's a clever way to use a popular Web category as a springboard for a cell phone ...

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