Around the Net In Media Editions for August 2008
Around the Net In Media - Friday, Aug. 29, 2008
TiVo Profits Climb, Subscriptions Fall
Pickens Wins Ad Fight With NBC
Obama Likes The Old Stadium Brand
CBS Gives CNet a Makeover
Web Vs. TV For Political Ads
Election Ads: TV's Last Hurrah?
Sales Soar 500% For U.S. News' College Site
Around the Net In Media - Thursday, Aug. 28, 2008
Readers Digest Readying New Evangelical Title
'Star Tribune' Is Biggest Paper To Drop AP
ESPN Rebrands Teen Mag, Boosts Circ
TNT Signs Up Sponsors for New Legal Drama
Broadcast TV Frets About Shrinking Upfront Dollars
Around the Net In Media - Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2008
Struggling Ziff Davis Cancels Tech Expo
WPP May Win TNS, GfK Withdraws
The Future of Newspapers
Denuo CEO: TV Will Be Last Mass Medium
Sprint Wireless Offers Live NFL Radio
HBO Show Sponsors Virgin's JFK Flight
Around the Net In Media - Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2008
CNN, Digg Connect Users With Politicians
Regent Buys Gay Mags, Adds News Video
Bucking Trends, TV Sports Building Power
Can Google Crack the TV Ad Market?
'Spin,' 'Source' Shift To Fashion Ads
Political Conventions To Rev Ad Sales
New Clients Embrace Direct Response TV
Around the Net In Media - Monday, Aug. 25, 2008
GSD&M Nabs Popeyes' Media Account
Levi's $70 Million Media In Play
4 Mags Change Size To Boost Income
Wine Magazine Gives Award To Fake Restaurant
Media Beats Obama To Email Punch
96% Of Chinese Watched Olympics
NBC Didn't Cash In On Olympics Video Ads
Around the Net In Media - Friday, Aug. 22, 2008
Travel Channel Grabs Rights To 'Amazing Race'
Youth-Oriented Editor Promoted At 'Chicago Trib'
NBC Buys Carnival In Global Outreach
Critics Impatient as Radio Ads Dip 7%
Move Over Radio, Apple Ads Are Musical Tastemakers
ESPN Pact Expands Live Streaming Of MLB Games
In-Store Ads Personalized For Specific Shoppers
Around the Net In Media - Thursday, Aug. 21, 2008
'Time Spent' Sinks For Many Newspaper Sites
Could Satellite TV Get Creamed by Cable?
Did Fat Profits Trigger Philly's Newspaper Woes?
Murdoch Paid 24% More While Stock Slumps
Steven Bochco Rejects Broadcast TV
Net-enabled TVs To Get Yahoo Software
Turner Adds Live Updates To
Around the Net In Media - Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2008
Airline Asks Clear Channel To Remove Airport Ad
Sirius XM to Debut 'Mad Dog Radio' With Russo
Are Editors a Luxury We Can't Afford?
WSJ Offers Free News on BlackBerry
ESPN Eager To Bid On Olympics
MSNBC Becomes More Liberal With Staff Shakeup
CBS Dials Up Its NFL Fantasy Web Video
Around the Net In Media - Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2008
Newsweek, Wash Post Partner For Convention Video
First for Radio: XM Channel Focuses On Cancer Fight
GM Walks Away From 2009 Oscars, Emmys
Phelps Is Ad Gold-But Not In China
Food Network To Turn Overeating Into A Show
Why NBC's Online Olympics Advertisers May Be Glum
Time Warner Cable's $135 Million Media Biz Up for Grabs
Around the Net In Media - Monday, Aug. 18, 2008
TV Remains Top Source of News
BusinessWeek To Release Control of Content On Site
NBC Has Best Saturday Since 1990
Jon Stewart-Comic And Trusted News Anchor
No Free TV On Cell Phones In U.S.
Media Firms Profit From Pirated YouTube Clips
Tapping Olympic Stars' Sales Potential
LA Times Hires DirecTV Exec As New Publisher
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