Yahoo Exclusively Supports Rollout Of Marriott Media Network To Help Brands Reach Travelers

Marriott International on Monday announced the launch of an advertising network that will allow brands and retailers to target ads in Marriott apps and on television screens in its hotels initially in the United States and Canada.

The company’s travel program, Marriott Bonvoy, supports more than 164 million members. The network, Marriott Media Network, powered exclusively through Yahoo, is expected to feature premium inventory spanning its owned channels including display, mobile, video, email and digital out-of-home — in-room television and digital screens — when fully deployed.

That eventually means support worldwide for about 7,600 Marriott properties and 1.4 million hotel rooms in 131 countries.

“We love to innovate and love to see our ad-tech help brands in new places,” said Iván Markman, chief business officer at Yahoo.

For brand advertisers, the Marriott Media Network will offer a combination of scale and personalized media to an audience of in-demand, high-intent travelers. The advertises will range from fashion and beauty, to entertainment and more.

The network uses the Yahoo supply-side platform (SSP) and Yahoo demand-side platform (DSP). The partnership is one of Yahoo's full-stack collaborations. Target’s media network is another.

Advertisers will have an option to buy media based on a variety of objectives, from performance to value or impression. The media becomes available on a variety of devices, such as display, video, out-of-home, connected television, as well as mobile and desktop.

Yahoo will use anonymous data sourced from the hundreds of millions of users who visit its network’s sites, along with search queries and location.

“Think of all that intelligence, combined with the signals that come from impressions,” he said. “If I’m searching for ‘Bahamas to New York,’ and based on what Yahoo knows about users, we have the ability to provide the most relevant ads. It’s tied to the advertiser’s campaign objectives.”

There’s a growing number of companies building their own networks building revenue streams. In addition to Marriott and Target, other companies include Walmart, Kroger, CVS Health, and DoorDash.

Markman called Marriott’s network the “industry's first media network with an end-to-end demand and supply solution for the cookieless world” for the travel industry.

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