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Wayne Spencer

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Wayne Spencer is President and one of the founders of T-Pro Solutions. He has 42 years of diverse Consumer Products Goods experience in various sales management, trade promotion management and software consulting/business development with companies such as Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Georgia Pacific and Synectics Group.

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  • Why Retailers, CPG Manufacturers Must Collaborate To Grow in Marketing Insider on 04/11/2018

    Recent speculation that retail leaders Kroger and Target are in early conversations about a merger has the retail and consumer goods sectors buzzing about what this means for how people buy and where they buy it. Coupled with announcements about several retailers closing their doors, Amazon purchasing Whole Foods and retailers like Aldi/Lidl entering the market, these shifts indicate that retailers are open to the strategic opportunities available to remain competitive and profitable.

  • 3 Changes You Can Expect to See In The Consumer Goods Industry in Marketing Insider on 12/15/2017

    With continued disruption in the consumer goods industry, changes in the coming year are inevitable to combat the increase of unconventional and low-cost stores like Lidl, Aldi and Amazon, gaps in retailer-manufacturer communication, and evolving consumer shopping habits. As a result, 2018 will be a year where manufacturers are asked to reevaluate and reposition their trade investment strategy for data-driven decisions and mutually optimized returns.

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