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Anabela Bonuccelli

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As the EVP Multicultural Lead NA at Havas Media Network, I am responsible for developing and executing the multicultural strategy for the agency and its clients, leveraging my expertise in negotiation, marketing, and communications. I have been cultivating the growth and driving high levels of profitability for Havas Media for the past 25 years, working with a diverse portfolio of multinational clients across various industries. My mission is to deliver innovative and impactful solutions that address the needs and aspirations of multicultural audiences, while enhancing the brand equity and market share of our clients. I have a proven track record of leading and managing teams, projects, and partnerships that generate leads, drive profits, and create value. I am also experienced in change management, leadership, and strategic planning, adapting to the dynamic and evolving media landscape. I am passionate about advancing the multicultural agenda and fostering a culture of inclusion and excellence within Havas Media and the wider industry.

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