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Tuesday, November 17, 2009
  • MasterCard Enlists Peyton Manning For Gift Finder

    The Priceless Gift Finder displays appropriate gift selections, along with ratings and reviews from Purchases can be made at directly through the … Read the whole story

  • 7-Eleven Promo Is 'Elementary, My Dear Watson'

    7-Eleven is launching a series of in-store branding campaigns around films and other entertainment properties this year in a cross-promotion with the Warner Bros. … Read the whole story

  • VW To Retool Showrooms, Starting With Big Apple

    A spokesperson for the Volkswagen brand says the White Frame concept, which was developed for Volkswagen by Novi, Mich.-based CityScape Architects, Inc., "is easier … Read the whole story

  • Nestlé Waters Stresses Regional Brands' Sourcing

    The TV commercial's Poland Spring, Arrowhead and Deer Park versions rolled out earlier this month. The other brands' versions will begin airing next year. … Read the whole story

  • People Stick With Entertainment Subscriptions

    "There's been a whole lot of discussion that people would cut cable and satellite services, and substitute with free content," Russ Crupnick, entertainment industry … Read the whole story

  • Consumers Love Their Supermarket Apps

    So, does all this "app-iness" prove that Americans are increasingly in love with grocery lists, as so much of the "new frugalism" research indicates? … Read the whole story

  • Read the whole story

  • Reintroduce The Consumer Into The Mix

    e need to stop the insane pursuit of all data on what consumers did and shift our attention instead to understanding why consumers do … Read the whole story

  • Friendless: CMOs Spend Little On Social Media

    Twitter may be booming, Facebook stratospheric, but leading chief marketing officers are apparently yet to send the dollars wildly chasing the traffic, according to … Read the whole story