Marketing Daily
Wednesday, September 23, 2015
  • VanHeusen Targets Men's Too-Tight Collars

    The new line is based on fabric technology that expands up to a full one-half inch, explains Mike Kelly, EVP of heritage brands marketing ... Read the whole story

  • Under Armour Launches First Global Soccer Campaign

    The effort includes a Web site, with video profiles of the sponsored athletes and a call for social media participation where people can ... Read the whole story

  • Coca-Cola Reveals It's Spent $119M On Health Research Since 2010

    Now the company, which has acknowledged that its stated goal of helping to stem the obesity epidemic has little credibility at this stage, says ... Read the whole story

  • T-Mobile Continues Jabs At Other Carriers

    "We won't stand by while Verizon tries to convince the world that their network -- which is slower than ours and has less capacity ... Read the whole story

  • Consumers Question Credit Card Safety

    Many consumers believe new credit cards being issued by banks don't go far enough to protect card data or prevent fraud, according to a ... Read the whole story

  • The Commercial Sector Has Left The Charity Sector Far Behind

    Whilst the commercial world increasingly embraces digital and as a consequence creates disruptive new ways of doing business, the charity sector is still, mostly, ... Read the whole story