Marketing Daily
Wednesday, September 23, 2015
  • VanHeusen Targets Men's Too-Tight Collars

    The new line is based on fabric technology that expands up to a full one-half inch, explains Mike Kelly, EVP of heritage brands marketing … Read the whole story

  • Under Armour Launches First Global Soccer Campaign

    The effort includes a Web site, with video profiles of the sponsored athletes and a call for social media participation where people can … Read the whole story

  • Coca-Cola Reveals It's Spent $119M On Health Research Since 2010

    Now the company, which has acknowledged that its stated goal of helping to stem the obesity epidemic has little credibility at this stage, says … Read the whole story

  • T-Mobile Continues Jabs At Other Carriers

    "We won't stand by while Verizon tries to convince the world that their network -- which is slower than ours and has less capacity … Read the whole story

  • Consumers Question Credit Card Safety

    Many consumers believe new credit cards being issued by banks don't go far enough to protect card data or prevent fraud, according to a … Read the whole story

  • The Commercial Sector Has Left The Charity Sector Far Behind

    Whilst the commercial world increasingly embraces digital and as a consequence creates disruptive new ways of doing business, the charity sector is still, mostly, … Read the whole story