Marketing Politics Daily Editions for January 2017
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017
Holding Companies Speak Out On Trump's Travel Ban
President Trump Fires Acting Attorney General
Obama's Role In American History Is More Important Than Ever
Lessons From Uber, Starbucks: Will Hashtagtivism Disrupt Your Business?
Ford Strongly Criticizes Trump Travel Ban
Trump Could Upend Work-Visa Programs
Breitbart's Bannon Joins National Security Council
Tech Companies Challenge Trump's Travel Ban
Democrats Boycott President Trump's HHS, Treasury Nominees
Social Media Gets Defiant
Amazon And Expedia Join Washington AG's Suit Against Immigration Ban
'Shut Up' Media: Business Is Growing, News Organizations Are Hiring
Franken Warns FCC Against Weakening Net Neutrality
Four Big Telcoms Hit Mute Button About Trump
IAB's Rothenberg Calls For Industry Effort Against Fake News
Ohio Gov. John Kasich To Publish Book In Opposition To Trump's America
IAB Chief Calls On Online Ad Industry To Combat Fake News
Sir Martin Sorrell Joins Critics Of Trump's Travel Ban
Trump Travel Ban Could Boost UK Tech Scene
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Jan. 30, 2017
Reactions To Trump's Travel Ban Expose Deep Tensions In America's Social Fabric
Opposition Branding: At Least One Campaign Sees Some Lyft
Steven Bannon Gets National Security Council Post
The Trumpela Effect
Zuckerberg 'Concerned' About Immigration Order
Could A General Strike Succeed? Maybe, With Social Media
Google Celebrates Japanese Civil Rights Activist
Trump To Televise Supreme Court Pick In Prime-Time On Tuesday
Come Back, Barack
ACLU Rakes In $24.1 Million In Donations Over The Weekend
Ad Industry Asks Congress To Overturn Broadband Privacy Rules
Social Media Fuels 'Alt-Majority' Protests Against Trump
Google Recalls Employees: Microsoft, Facebook Warn U.S. Policies Could Impact Ad Tech
Trump is Using a Gmail Address for His Twitter Account
Dove, Ogilvy Run #AlternativeFacts Ad
Mexico Plans Boycott Of U.S. Brands
Mindshare Finds 'American Dream' Changing
FCC Gives New York State $170 Million For Broadband Expansion
42% of Trump Voters Don't Care If He Uses Private Email Server
MPs To Investigate Fake News Threat
Marketers Need Greater Pricing Control To Cope With Brexit-Linked Inflation
More Than A Million Sign Petition To Cancel Donald Trump's UK State Visit
Brexit Prompts More Brands To Celebrate Chinese New Year
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Jan. 27, 2017
Bannon Berates Media As 'Opposition Party'
Google Pivots To Republicans In Post-Obama America
Trump Was Airtime Champion On Network News in '16: Study
Trump, Nieto Speak By Phone As Mexico-US Crisis Intensifies
Why Reward This Kind Of Behavior With Your Taxes?
Pence, Conway Headline Pro-Life March In Washington
Congress Urged To Nix Broadband Privacy Rules
Advertising Is 'Key' To 'Post-Brexit Success,' Minister Confirms
Most Americans Don't Trust Social Media News, But It Only Takes A Few
The Secret Reason Why Millennials Will Be Central To Post-Brexit 'Brand Britain'
Ohlhausen Named Acting FTC Chair
Altice USA Debuts i24News, New Cable News Network
GOP Urges Pai To Nix Set-Top-Box Reform
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017
Centro's Political Arm Saw 80% Success Rates In 2016 Cycle
Entire Senior Management Team At The State Department Just Resigned
Trump Isn't Just Tweeting, He Is Prescribing Policy
Election 2016: The Big Marketing Takeaways
U.S. Department of Transportation Launches 'Stop! Trains Can't'
Trump's Team Reportedly Using Private Email Server
Agency's 'Trump and Dump' Bot Analyzes Trump's Tweets, Shorts Stocks, Donates Gains to ASPCA
Triple A, Anheuser-Busch And Wayfair Didn't Comply With Privacy Rules, Watchdog Says
Steve Bannon Was Registered To Vote In 2 States
Rogue Park Service Account Gathers 1M Followers
GOP Plants Anti-Obamacare Filters On Snapchat
Facebook, Google Move Against Fake News
Mixed Results For 4Q TV Station Ad Revs
Facebook Tweaks 'Trending' To Combat Fake News
Russia Arrests Cybersecurity Researcher For Treason
Snapchat Tightens Rules On Fake News And Nude Images
Microsoft Vows Not To Leave Britain After Brexit
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017
Trump Acts Like The Authoritarian We Feared
What If Becomes The Trump Channel?
Trump Names 2 Breitbart Reporters To Administration
Trump Admin Widens Social Media Ban
Trump Seeks Major Investigation Into Voter Fraud
In A World Where All Young Viewers Hate Trump, 'SNL' Plays It Safe
Supreme Court Nominee To Be Announced Next Thursday
Trump Pushes 'Build Plants' Theme In F2F With Auto Execs
Trump Orders USDA Employees To Stop Tweeting
ANA Expects Trump FCC Pick To Revisit Privacy
Citizens Are Creating Email Alerts for Trump Actions
Federal Government Emails Gag Order to USDA
Gov. Christie Revives Bill To Axe Legal Notices
Trump Tells Federal Workers To Stop Communicating With Press
Trump Orders EPA Contract Freeze, Media Blackout
Court Denies DOJ Appeal in Microsoft Overseas Privacy Case
US Election Prompts Britons To Question Digital Privacy
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017
Pro-Sessions TV Ad Pushes AG Confirmation
Trump Designates January 20 National Day Of Patriotic Devotion
First Official Briefing Testy, Press Maintains Watchdog Approach To Trump Administation
The Vanishing Value Of The Truth
FTC Extends Privacy Principles To Cross-Device
Trump Bans Funding To Groups Offering Abortion Overseas
Trump Inauguration Media Data -- TV, Digital -- Does It Matter?
Paul Ryan Invites Trump To Speak To Congress On February 28
Snapchat Attacks 'Fake News,' Click-Bait
Expedia Pitches Travel To Broaden Your World View
Trump Responds to Emails With Handwritten Notes
Newspaper Group Cheers Ajit Pai's Elevation To FCC Chairman
Judge Blocks Merger Of Aetna And Humana On Antitrust Grounds
Microsoft Defends Constitutional Rights of Users in Email Privacy Case
SEC Investigating Timing Of Yahoo's Disclosures About Data Breaches
Adland Welcomes Government Support For Creative Industries
Brexit's Biggest Backer Launches 'Westmonster' Site
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Jan. 23, 2017
Deviator In Chief
Inauguration Ratings Not Huge: Trump Trails Reagan, Obama, Carter, Nixon
Cover Story: Trump Time
Trump Signs Executive Orders On Monday: TPP, Federal Hiring Freeze
Size Matters: Trump Warns Media Over Audience Estimates, Falsely Claims 'Time' Cover Record
How To Instantly Repair The Media Economy
Twitter Apologises For Turning Obama Fans Into Trump Followers
Twitter Streaming Of Inauguration Down From Comparable Events, Russian Viewing Doubled
American Carnage, Part 1: Trump And Pompomony
Conway Changes Story: Trump Will Release Tax Returns After Audit
Trump Steps Up War Of Words Against Media, Media Fires Back
Fox News Tops Rivals For Inaugural Viewers
Trump Fundraises for RNC in First Email as President
Investopedia Launches 'The Trump Economy' Microsite
Trump Team Suspends Official Twitter Feeds After Critical Tweets
May To Meet Trump -- Free Trade Deal In The Offing?
Google Awards $50,000 To British Start-Up Tackling Fake News
Net Neutrality Critic Ajit Pai Expected To Head FCC
The Trump Effect For Advertisers
Now FCC Stepping In On IoT Regulations
On Trump's Trail, Dogged News Media Discovers 'Alternative' Universe
Madonna, Others Open Media Salvo: F Bombs Explode
White House Is The Trump Card For UK In Brexit Talks -- We'll Just Swap BMWs For Fords
'Run For Something' Initiative Encourages Millennials To Run For Office
Media Stocks Mixed On Inauguration Day
Chuck Schumer, Jimmy Carter Top Google Searches During Inauguration
'The Guardian' Launches Email Newsletter, 'The Week In Patriarchy'
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Jan. 20, 2017
Clients, Agencies Split On Trump Presidency: Guess Who's More Upbeat?
Anonymous Warns Trump It Will Release Damaging Info
Farewell, Our President
The Magic Of Donald Trump
How We Feel About Trump's Presidency
Questions About Trump's Conflict Of Interest Remain
Fake News Didn't Sway Election (Probably)
And Now A Message To President Trump, From Women Around The World
Yes, The Big Newspapers Took Political Sides (And It Didn't Work)
Eric Schultz To Serve As Obama's Senior Advisor Post Presidency
Donald Trump And Theresa May Will Both Be Failures, George Soros Predicts
The Search For Truth (Not Donald Trump)
Commerce Dept. Sets Guiding Principles For Internet Of Things
CNN Is Looking For An Honest Fake News Reporter
'Washington Post' Launches Lily Platform For Millennial Women
Under Science-Unfriendly Administration, Internet And Its Data Are In Your Hands
Julian Assange Now Says He Will Hand Himself To US Authorities
Brexit Making Marketers Reluctant To Hire New Staff
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017
Clinton, Trump Voters Had Very Different News Consumption Habits in 2016
Obama: 'We're Going To Be Ok'
Day Of Days: TV Will Be Focused On One Man Tomorrow
Clinton Global Initiative Closes New York Office
How Fake News Is Made (Up)
Julian Assange To Renege On Promise To Accept US Extradition For Chelsea Manning Clemency
Hispanic Marketing In The Trump Presidency Era
Kawasaki Ends Show Backing Due To Trump Involvement
Maine Lawmakers Make Brave Stand Against Social Media, Reality
Wheeler Presses For Preservation Of Net Neutrality Rules
Mississippi Attorney General Sues Google Over Student Privacy
FTC Charges Chip Maker With Antitrust Suit
Judge Orders to Homeland Security Officials to Hand Over Private Emails in Suit
Publisher To Create Trump Financial News Site
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017
What Happened Politically In 2016?
Trump Won't Move Press Briefings After Press Outcry
How Might Data Dysfunctions In Presidential Politics Extend To Programmatic?
President Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Sentence
How Mobile Factored Into Trump's Win
DMA Concerned By Third-Party Data Rules In New ePrivacy Regulation
Hail To President Uber?
Mississippi Plans to Sue Google Over Student Data
Trump May Tap Google Critic To Head FTC
Brexit Blamed For Apple Store 25% Price Hike
Hard Brexit Poker Face Engaged As Adland Prays For Free Trade Deal
Ad Industry Holds Its Breath As May Confirms Hard Brexit
Consent Means Consent And Brexit Means Brexit -- A Big EU Day, But Little Changed
DMA Lays Out Its Priorities For The Government To Achieve In A Hard Brexit
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