Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for January 2024
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Jan. 25, 2024
It's The Partisan View Of The Economy, Stupid
Conservatives Perceived As Having Most Negative Media Representation
2023-24: Good For Dolls, Not Great For Women
Report: Comms Leaders Worry About Geopolitics, Polarization, Misinformation
Ohio AG Seeks To Enforce Law Restricting Teens From Social Media
Twenty States Back Texas And Florida In Battle Over Online Content
Cause For Concern: Poverty Tops The List
From EVs To Elections, Marketers Misread Consumer Mindsets
Dan Clark Joins Albany's 'Times Union' As Reporter
Marketing Reveal: What Brands Are Forecasting For 2024
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Jan. 19, 2024
God Made Rick Wilson
How The Political Mix Is Changing, Or Not
Sorrell Speaks To Cautious Clients At Davos, Sees 'Cocktail Of Political Risk'
David D. Smith Acquires 'The Baltimore Sun'
Are MAGA Thugs Trying To Kill Rick Wilson Of The Lincoln Project?
YouTube Profiting From The 'New Climate Denial'
The Ins and Outs Of Election 2024 Audience Targeting
New Multicultural Research Reveals Spending Power, Swing To Liberalism
Porter Geeks Out On Politics At LoopMe
Netflix Urges FCC To Pass Open Internet Rules
Learning From Our Military Leaders -- And Heroes Like Tom Deierlein
CNN's Thompson: Let's Get Back The 'Swagger'
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Jan. 12, 2024
A Gross Effective CPM Of $360,272
X Signs 'Free Speech' Content Deals With Don Lemon, Tulsi Gabbard, Jim Rome
Judge Blocks 'Troublingly Vague' Ohio Social Media Law
New Jersey Passes Opt-Out Privacy Bill
Meta Announces Safety Protections For Teens On Instagram, Facebook
FTC Warns AI Companies To Keep Privacy Promises
Long-Time ANA Counsel Wood Leaves Reed Smith, Opens Private Practice
FCC Chair Questions Carmakers On Privacy
The Brutal Facts Of The World As It Is
FTC Prohibits Data Broker From Selling Sensitive Location Information
Hill Holliday Will No Longer Use Certain Dog Breeds In Its Ads
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Jan. 5, 2024
Haley's Polling Up, Not Down Following Civil War 'Gaffe'
TV Ads Are For Chumps
Proposed AI Bills To Affect Every Advertiser
Montana Wants Appeals Court To Reinstate TikTok Ban
Clockwork Copyrights: U.S. Office Wants To Ease The Process For News Publishers
Publishers Are Out Of Touch With State Privacy Laws: Study
HIV Prevention Drug Aims To Counteract AIDS Social Stigma