MediaDailyNews Editions for August 2006
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, Aug. 17, 2006
Nielsen: Anytime, Anywhere, But Not Anytime Soon
TBWAChiatDay Loves Sara Lee
It's A Wrap, Newsday Publishes Final Chapter In Circ Scandal
Low-Tech Weapons Vs. High-Tech Targets
Customer Satisfaction: Satellite Beats Cable
Katz Radio Group Gets New President
New Publisher At Vanity Fair
OfficeMax Co-Develops Branded TV Show
Current TV To Launch Broadband Channels
Making Education Pay... With Ad-Supported e-Textbooks
Radio Still Hasn't Hit Bottom
Tribune Stations To Air 'SmackDown' Before CW Debut
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2006
The Debate Over VCR Data--Baked Into Nielsen Ratings Or Not?
Greg Stuart To Leave The IAB
Wal-mart Has Something In-Store For Saatchi, Broader Agency Search Continues
Saatchi Taps Hytner For Worldwide Deputy Chairman
Rainbow Media Debuts First Drama Series
Kyrillos Named Publisher Of Food & Wine
CBS Finds Prime-Time Shows For innertube
ABC Strikes In-Store Ad, Content Deal
Teletrax To Track Direct Response TV Ads
WPP Gets In The Game, Buys Into WildTangent
William Morris Adds Marketing Muscle
Acme's Core Advertisers Boost 2Q Results
Fox Sports en Espanol Renews Soccer Rights
MSN Video Streams 'Weeds'
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2006
Jury Still Out On Acquisition Of Court TV, Researchers Look To Other Sources
WPP Acquires Stake In User-Generated Media Tracker
Claritas, Polk Deal Could Drive Cable Ad Buys
Brandtique: Nissan
What Four Out Of Five Doctors Should Know About Their Waiting Rooms
Product Placements Of The Week
HD Radio Alliance Announces Third Wave
CNN Ad Sales Ups Deal With Dominican Tourism Board
'Sunday Night Football' Fumbles, But NBC Still Wins A Pre-Season Night
USA's 'Nashville' Inks Major Deal With Sonic
MediaDailyNews - Monday, Aug. 14, 2006
Commercial Ratings Meeting Set For Sept. 21, Call For Suggestions
Wall Street Journal Ad Revenue Up In July
Discovery Sees Ad Dollars Creep Up In Q2
ABC's 'Dancing' Takes New Turn, Looks For 'Average Jane'
FCC Questioning TV Stations Over VNRs
More FCC Woes For XM
MediaDailyNews - Friday, Aug. 11, 2006
Madison Avenue Weighs In On Commercial Ratings, Insists VCR Data Be Removed
Online Trading Systems: Keep An Open Mind
Aaron Reitkopf Promoted At KBP To Integrate All Companies
July Ad Revenue 21% Higher For Scripps Cable Networks Than '05
The Kids' Upfront Won't Grow Up
ESPN Takes Over ABC Sports, Drop Kicks ABC Brand
NY Post Gives CW Free Publicity, Scary One Too
Star Wars: Broadcast, Cable Battle Goes Into Orbit, Fought Over Satellites
Clarification: Magna's Wieser Misconstrued
Mag Bag: New Yorkers Shielded from FHM, Again
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, Aug. 10, 2006
Summit Doesn't, Media Shop Falls Amid Uncertain Kids' Ad Market
OpenTV Opens Databank: Claims 1,500 Interactive TV Ads Served
Marketers Demand Audited Ad Figures From Online Publishers
Is Mylo Myth Or Millennial Mainstream?
Viacom's Freston: MTV, BET Wrap Upfront At Flat CPMs, Modest Volume Gains
Disney Earnings Spike Up, TV Ad Market Flat
Wenner Gets All of Us For $300 Mil
Debmar-Mercury To Syndicate Celeb Reality Shows
Hallmark Cares To Sell The Very Best -- Upfront CPMs
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2006
Arbitron, Nielsen Releasing Apollo Data To Media, Data Could Alter Marketplace
Analyst: Ad Exchange Faces Opposition, Would Trim Network Margins
Cablevision Delays 2Q Results, Net Revenue At Cable Unit Grew Nearly 18%
Volvo Gets Sirius
NBC Has Slick Reality Concept: 'Grease'
Fox Ad Surge Fuels News Corp. Profits
On The Radio Ad Dial: CBS Gets Less, Clear Channel More
Turner Media Taps Former RadioShack Strategist
DirecTV: Sub Growth Not Exactly Sky High
Rx Category: Good For What Ails Magazines
VNU Names Trade Pub Chief Head Of Cost-Cutting Program
Copyrights Emerge As Issue For New Media
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2006
Shifty Business: Nielsen Cuts New VOD Deal, Delays New Software
Brandtique: Costco
ABC Taps Arenas As Hispanic Shop, Will Handle Media, Planning, Creative
NBC Scores With Sunday Night Football
Stations Report Mixed Results
Tribune Co. Sells Atlanta TV Station
Mediaweek: VNU Slashes Billboard Staff
Syndication Weighs In On DVR, Commercial Ratings
Dell Signed As Exclusive Advertiser For CNN Exchange
Product Placements Of The Week
Consumers Open to Mobile Search Apps
Media Audit Unveils Radio Rollout Plan, Could Lead To Ratings Rift
MediaDailyNews - Monday, Aug. 7, 2006
ABC Revising Broadband Ad Deal With Stations
Oken Steps Down As Nielsen Local Chief, Will Oversee Strategic Initiatives
ESPN, Pro Soccer Cut Major Deal
Forbes Elevates New Media Plans
Inc. Inks Consulting Deals, Will Offer Branding, Finance, Etc.
Clear Channel Talks Turkey In Albuquerque, Deploys Digital Network
Cable Weighs In On Commercial Ratings Plan, Objects To Monitor-Plus Data
Bid Adieu: eBay Auction Not Welcomed By TV Execs
Air America's COO Departs
FEC May Relax Ad Rules, Boosting Radio, TV Revenues
Commercial Unions Agree To Two-Year Extension, Deal Covers Internet, New Media
Washington Post Co. Sees Flat TV Revenues
MediaDailyNews - Friday, Aug. 4, 2006
Task Force Unveils e-Media Exchange, Sets Early '07 Test Using eBay
Buyers, Sellers Put Brakes On Nielsen's Commercial Ratings, Plan Meeting To Vet Issues
Fox Airs Holyfield-Bates Bout
TBS Schedules Late-Night Game Show
CBS' 'Shark' Cools Off
FCC To Time Warner Cable: Bring NFL Net Back
Ford, GM, Mazda Put iPod Tech In Cars Grabs Key Demo In Video Trial
Mag Bag: Err Apparent
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