Mobile Marketing Daily Editions for February 2016
Mobile Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 29, 2016
Why E-Readers Are Holding Their Own
Political Advertisers Should Spend More Time On Mobile
Can Smartphones Swing The Primaries?
Mobile Payments Gain Big Traction Among Millennials
The DNA Of A Call Through Clicks
Facebook Live Expands To Android
Samsung's 837 Brand Experience Playfully Creates Demand
Clear Channel's RADAR Brings Attribution Outdoors
AMI Taps Goldstein As SVP/Group Publisher
Verizon Emerges As Most Likely Yahoo Buyer
REVOLVING DOOR: Martin Williams Hires Two
New Trans-Atlantic Data Transfer Deal Details Revealed
DMPs Fall Short Of Marketers' Expectations
It Was All About Mobile At Mobile World Congress, Plus Ad Blocking
Mobile Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 26, 2016
Why Facebook Can't Scale Live Video Fast Enough
Facebook Expands Mobile Ads With New Unit, Canvas
Video Extra: AdBlock Plus Enters The Lion's Den
Snapchat Snaps Nielsen For 3V Ad Ratings
Google AMP: Another Nail In Coffin Of Journalism?
Chevrolet Says 'Love' With Facebook Reaction
mCommerce Driven By Smartphones
PlaceIQ Partners With LiveRamp For Addressable TV Campaigns
'Parents' Pregnancy Podcast Ups Mobile Content, Ad Reach
Tech Giants To File Court Motion In Apple's Defense
Coke Boxes Convert To Virtual Reality Headsets
Mobile Marketing Daily - Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016
Facebook Reactions
Engagement And Privacy In A Cross-Device World
Half Of Online Sales Are Now Mobile -- Is Your Brand Ready?
Xappmedia Partners With Slacker Radio
Wearable Sales: $14 Billion This Year, $34 Billion in 2020; Wrist Worn Devices Rule
Microsoft Buys Xamarin, Deal Provides Total App Development
Martell Package Becomes Google Cardboard To View Mobile 360-Degree VR Experience
With Ecommerce, Mobile And Style Wins, Target Getting Its Beat Back
Perfect Fools Taps Vine Star For Wybo Vodka
Facebook's Ad-Server Exit Ominous Signal For Publishers
The New Front On Ad Blocking: Mobile
Mobile Devices Involved In Half Of UK Online Sales
Facebook And Amazon Raise Concerns About Consumer Data At Mobile World Congress
Mobile Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016
Is Instagram Getting Greedy?
Twitter Expands Fabric Mobile App To Chart Performance
44% of Top Retailers' Online Sales Move To Mobile
Mobile Uniques Spike On Valentine's Day
Mobile Driving Gaming Growth
Google AMP Launches, Rivals Facebook Instant Articles
Adobe Expands Cloud With Mobile App Management Features
WordPress Supports Google's AMP Program
Tablets Lose Share Because Of Phablets
Apple Boots Famous From App Store
Local TV Advertisers Buy Online/Mobile To Complement TV Media
Apple Facing Court Orders From Justice Dept.
MasterCard Payment Security Added To Luxury Smartwatches
Mobile Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016
Instagram Can't Stop Growing
Majority Of Mobile Users Say Apps Experience Disappoints
Mobile Apps Need A Refresh
The Myth About Clicks, Mobile And Desktop
Smartwatches Overtake Swiss Watches; Apple Leads The Way
Internet, Smartphone Use Rises In Emerging Nations
SITO Mobile Aids Political Marketers Targeting Millennials, Minorities
Third-Party Mobile Messaging Platforms Jeopardize Sensitive Data
Apple Facing Court Orders From Justice Dept.
Industry Group Starts Consolidating IoT Standards
KitKat Launches Mobile Parking Lot For Phone-Free Breaks
Google Store Visits Launch, Will Link Store and Digital Activity
Mobile Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 22, 2016
Beauty And Fitness Driving Mobile Traffic
iOS Users Are Easier To Retain With Video Ads
YouAppi Raises $13 Million, Plans To Expand In Asia
MediaPost's Programmatic Insider Summit Kicks Off Today
Google, Orange Bring Search, YouTube, Google Maps To Africa, Middle East
Conde Nast Expands Digital Strategy, Initiatives Team
Payments Being Added To Smart Devices
The New York Times Weighs In OnThe Ad Blocking Wars
The Solution To Ad Blocking: Make Them Curious, Not Furious
Zuckerberg And Samsung Announce VR Will Be 'The Most Social Platform'
O2 Chief Executive Says Intrusive Mobile Advertising 'Is Not Tenable'
MoPub Found Fortune 1000 Brands Comprised 51% Of Ad Spend On MoPub Exchange
Mobile World Congress Opens; Another Hotbed For The Internet Of Things
Why Don't We Fight Mobile Ad Blockers By Certifying Reputable Publishers?
Virtual Reality: The Brightest Star In Samsung's Galaxy
Mobile Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 19, 2016
Can Carriers Make Advertisers Pay Data Charges?
Twitter Adds GIF Button, User Numbers Fall
Networks Could End Era Of Mobile Display Spray And Pray
YouAppi Raises $13 Million, Plans To Expand In Asia
Mobile Video Growth To Skyrocket
60% Of All Mobile Banner Ad Clicks Are Accidents
Facebook Backs Apple Against FBI
Mobile Carriers Enlist Shine To Block Ads
Fyber Opens Mediation Platform, Partners With Tapjoy
Apple Watch Stays On Top
Appboy's Mobile 'Accelerator' Pitch
Google Allows Marketers To Test AdWords Campaigns, Determine Results
Nordstrom Top Fashion Brand; Ecommerce Gaining While In-Store Slips
Domino's Adds Apple Watch Pizza Ordering
Three To Block Mobile Advertising
How A 1902 Waltz Brought About The Mobile Age
European Mobile Co. Three Will Launch An Ad Blocker
Mobile Marketing Daily - Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016
Apple Vs. The FBI
Facebook Expands Instant Articles, Goes Deeper Into News Biz
Mobile's Direct Link With Consumers Requires Change
Swrve Releases Product For Faster Marketing Messages
4 Trends Marketers Should Watch At Mobile World Congress
Opera Mediaworks Ad Revenues Hit $145M
45% Of Beauty Consumers Prefer Mobile Over Salespeople In Stores
Bucksense Launches Mobile Programmatic Platform
Sports, Entertainment Ads Get Best Mobile Completion Rates
Rubicon: Brand-Direct Media Buyers Buy More Native Ads Than Any Other Mobile Format
'Bon Appetit' Debuts First Culture Issue, Features Shot With iPhones
Google Makes iOS App Test Tool Open-Source
Agency Partners To Add Beacons For Consumer Targeting
Mobile Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016
Mobile At The Heart Of Tumblr's Woes
Sports, Entertainment Ads Get Best Mobile Completion Rates
Listen Up: Digital Mobile Is A Premium Radio Asset
Engagement Drops Faster On Mobile Games
Political Influentials By the Numbers
Luckie To Head Media For Reddit
Email Bonanza As 'Second Screening' Becomes 'Joint Screening'
Beintoo Launches Cuebiq In U.S.
NEW! #KeepItInYourPants Is Not What You Think
IAB Posts Buyer's Guide To DOOH
Verizon Ventures Explains Its Interest In Ad Tech Investments
Hulu Acquires Vhoto, A Vision Tech Biz
Mobile Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016
Mcommerce Nears Major Tipping Point
Mobile Use Sinks During Beyonce, Rises During Super Bowl TV Ads
Facebook's Instant Articles Revamp Wins Over Publishers
CE, Telecom, Entertainment Sectors Showing Maturity
How Google Wearable Displays Will Move Search Into The Next Phase
Radio Reaches Key Voters In Super Tuesday States
In Customer Loyalty, Macy's Plunges While Victoria's Secret Soars
Samsung Starts Adding Android 6.0 To Phones
Apple Pay Launching In China
Walgreens Installing Beacons In Stores
O2 Opens Up Mobile Data For Better London Underground Targeting
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