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Wednesday, December 19, 2018
  • 'Sports Illustrated' Releases Exclusive Story On Apple News

    It's the first time 'Sports Illustrated' has done an exclusive on Apple News, and the first time the magazine brand has released a story … Read the whole story

  • 'Salon,' 'Pueblo Pulp' Find Advertising, Subscription Solutions With LaterPay Partnership

    LaterPay, which offers a patented payment infrastructure technology, has entered into partnerships with the two publishers to open up revenue streams through amped-up subscription … Read the whole story

  • 'NYT' Looks Back At Its Year In Numbers

    To reach the level of reporting demanded by the country's paper of record, The New York Times counts 1,550 journalists on staff, with over … Read the whole story

  • 'Bleacher Report' Ranked Most Engaged Sports Brand On Social Media

    It had the most actions (post-level reactions, shares, comments, retweets and likes) across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in November for a sports brand, with … Read the whole story

  • Is Google Politically Biased?

    As a company, the answer is almost assuredly yes. But are search results biased? That's a much more nuanced question. Read the whole story