Real-Time Daily Editions for February 2016
Real-Time Daily - Monday, Feb. 29, 2016
Sonobi's Jetstream Platform Will Integrate Into Annalect Group's Tech Stack
TubeMogul Will Issue Refunds For Non-Human Video Traffic
Mar Tech IS Real -- But Hype Makes Real Mess
Oscar Night: Did Marketers Miss Out?
Publishers Embrace Creative Data Data Optimization
NBCUx's Extension To Linear TV: Some Early Reactions
Facebook's Atlas Faces Ad-Serving Challenges
DMPs Fall Short Of Marketers' Expectations
It Was All About Mobile At Mobile World Congress, Plus Ad Blocking
Secrets Of A Not-So-Secret Society
Three Key Trends In Cross-Channel Marketing
How Pep Boys Uses Instagram To Deepen Customer Engagement
WPP's Millward Brown To Acquire Analytics Quotient
Concerns Leading To Ad Blocking Cannot Be Ignored, Says Nestle's Global Head Of Digital
Real-Time Daily - Friday, Feb. 26, 2016
Will Header Bidding Go Away If Google Makes A Change?
Video Extra: AdBlock Plus Enters The Lion's Den
Millennial News Platform Newsy Chooses SpotX To Power Ads On Apple TV
Will Time Inc. Marry Into A Programmatic Pedigree?
How To Make Programmatic TV Grow Faster
Acceptable Ads Explained By AdBlock Plus
AdBlock Plus Comes Clean On Acceptable Ads
Real-Time Daily - Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016
Programmatic Insider Summit Takeaway: Consider The Consumer
This Fall, All NBCU Inventory Will Be Available Programmatically
Engagement And Privacy In A Cross-Device World
Facebook And Amazon Raise Concerns About Consumer Data At Mobile World Congress
What's Bauer's Secret Sauce? Header Bidding & Programmatic
Index Exchange Hires Former Googler Drew Bradstock To Build Forecasting Product
Cardlytics' New Product Aims To Close The Offline/Online Loop
Programmatic Commerce Is Coming To Retail
Drawbridge Expands Beyond Ad Tech
Facebook's Ad-Server Exit Ominous Signal For Publishers
NBCUx Expands Programmatic To Linear TV
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016
Outnumbered: Adblock Plus Exec Seeks To Set The Record Straight
Day 3: MediaPost's Programmatic Insider Summit, Access Our Live Stream
A New Battle Forms Over Wireless Ad Blocking
Managing Bots And The 'Creep Factor': Xaxis COO On Creating Smarter Ads
The New York Times May Ban Visitors Who Use Ad Blockers
Adblock Plus, Agency, Ad Tech Co. Walk Into Summit... Lively Debate Ensues
Rubicon Project Turns A Profit On $1 Billion In Managed Revenue
Index Exchange Partners With Bounce Exchange To Boost Supply Of Viewable Ads
Omnicom Digital Chief Jonathan Nelson On Programmatic's Potential
More Education Needed On Header Bidding, Too Soon For Standards
The New Front On Ad Blocking: Mobile
How Many DSPs Does A Brand Need?
DashBid Questions The Value Of Header Bidding
Rubicon Project Revenues Hit $248M For 2015
Mobile Uniques Spike On Valentine's Day
Q&A With Innovid's Zvika Netter
Real-Time Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016
We're Not At Best-Practices Stage Yet: The Complexites Of Programmatic
Synacor Acquires Privately Held Technorati
7 Programmatic Lessons From Vonage's Szumowski
'Data Is the New Oil': Programmatic's Possibilities
Confusion Reigns Over DMPs And Who Owns Data
MediaPost's Programmatic Insider Summit: Day #2
RTB Is Anti-Publisher At Its Core
Can Publishers Survive Ad-Blocking Boom?
Real-Time Daily - Monday, Feb. 22, 2016
Is Amassing So Much Data Really Worth It?
MediaPost's Programmatic Insider Summit Kicks Off Today
An Intro To 'Data-Science-Centric' Agency Union Square Media
The New York Times Weighs In OnThe Ad Blocking Wars
The Solution To Ad Blocking: Make Them Curious, Not Furious
Data Concerns Slow Adoption Of Programmatic Buying in Germany
MoPub Found Fortune 1000 Brands Comprised 51% Of Ad Spend On MoPub Exchange
AudienceXpress Argues For Greater Transparency Across The Board In Programmatic TV
In Data We Trust
Real-Time Daily - Friday, Feb. 19, 2016
5 How-Tos For Real-Time Campaigns
Ad Blocking And Tackling: What 2015's Ad Blocking Means for 2016's Marketing
What You Need To Know About 6 Top Ad Blockers
Can Marketing Tech Really Track The Entire Customer Journey?
Amid Massive Layoffs, Yahoo CEO Says Programmatic Will Be A Priority
European Mobile Co. Three Will Launch An Ad Blocker
DMA Reveals A Programmatic Future For Email
How Spotify's Programmatic Efforts Have Fared Since Launch
Conde Nast Appoints Adlman Programmatic Head, Push To Significantly Expand Offerings
Agency Strikes New Kind Of Unwired Deal: Step Toward Local Broadcast Programmatic
Real-Time Daily - Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016
Programmatic Knowledge Gaps Can Hurt Ad Biz
AppNexus: CPMs Hit Record $1.60 In December, Due To Holiday Demand
AppNexus Describes Impact Of Fraud Cleanup On its Exchange
Rubicon: Brand-Direct Media Buyers Buy More Native Ads Than Any Other Mobile Format
Is The Creative Of The Future A Computer? Partners With Triton Digital To Bring Premium Online Audio Ad Exchange To Euro Markets
Podcasts Face Ad Hurdles Over Concerns About Measureent And Scale
Bucksense Launches Mobile Programmatic Platform
Why Ad Tech Talent Is Returning To Media Sales
What's Stopping Marketers From Getting More Out Of Data-Driven Efforts?
Is Cost-of-Sale Too Costly For Ad Tech?
Publicis Launches VivaKi IQ Academy To Better Educate Employees On Programmatic, Technology And Data
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016
Transactional Transparency: It's Coming To Programmatic
Sports, Entertainment Ads Get Best Mobile Completion Rates
Publicis Groupe Sends Agency Buyers To Programmatic School
Alanna Gombert Named Deputy GM IAB Tech Lab, VP Tech And Ad Operations, IAB
Verizon Ventures Explains Its Interest In Ad Tech Investments
PushSpring Partners With LiveRamp To Expand Availability Of Data And Distribution
WPP's Sir Martin Sorrell Weighs In On The Impact Of Sluggish Economic Growth On the Ad Sector
Viacom Starts Viewprint, Data Analysis For Custom-Marketing Campaigns
Google Collects Student Data, But Not For Ad Targeting
Why Opt-In Will Save Online Advertising
Rather Than Fight Ad Blocking, Advertisers Must Attack The Root Causes
Real-Time Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016
How Call Intelligence Can Fuel Programmatic Buying
PubMatic CRO Leaves For Factual; Ooyala Gets New Chief for APAC, Japan, NYPS Partner On Digital Ad Network For Newspapers
Merkle's Delaney Says: Decentralize Programmatic Slowly
If You're An Ad Blocker, You May Be More Attractive To Advertisers
Why Facebook And Google Rule The Ad Business
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