Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for August 2015
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 31, 2015
Microsoft Job Ad Board Shows Heightened Attention To Bing
Hound iOS In Alpha Shines Spotlight On Shift To Voice Search
Apple's iOS Content-Blocking Capabilities Causing Ad Agita
Russian Search Engine Yandex Changes Its Paid-Search Auction Bid Model
TRUST, A New System That Spots Online Ads With Rights Problems
Millennials Driving Demand In Health And Wellness Through Mobile, Says Yahoo
Google Display Network Converting Text Ads To Richer Text
AdWords Structures Snippets, Highlights Features In Ads
Google Accused Of Rigging Search Results In India
How Traffic, Engagement Correlates To Google Ranking
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 28, 2015
Google To Freeze Flash Ads
Bing Calls Attention To Trademark Policy
MSN Latest Malvertising Victim
Google Defends Search Results To EU Antitrust Officials
Google Develops Apple iOS 9 Security Workaround For Ads
Google's Programmatic Walls Get Higher By Removing YouTube From AdX
Space, Augmented Reality Drive Creativity For Ad Industry, With Billions Invested
46% of Retailers Move to Beacons; 71% Learning Buying Patterns
FTC Convenes Privacy Conference, Asks 'Whitehat' Researchers To Contribute Reports
Yahoo Makes Big Mobile Push
Google Rejects EU's Antitrust Changes
Bing Is So Much More Than A Search Engine
Google Serves Up Storm Tracking Data
Beacons Challenged by Consumer Benefits
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Aug. 27, 2015
Google Knows You Traveled More This Year
Malvertising Hits MSN: Time For Stricter Ad Network Standards?
Solving The Difficulties Behind Affiliate Attribution
Startup Harnesses Machine Learning, Brings Real-Time Targeting To Ad Campaigns
Moz Acquires SERPscape
Google's Mapping Car Gets Smashed With Tomatoes In Spain
Strategies Need Data Storytellers
What's Semantic Correlation In Google Backlink Metric
Goldman Sachs Upgrades Google To Buy List
AT&T Intercepts WiFi Traffic To Inject Ads
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2015
Lycos Inventor Michael Mauldin Returns As Company Tackles IoT
Ad Budgets Increase Slightly, With Need For More Content
Target My Behavior, Please
YouTube Gaming Live Streams Officially Take On Amazon Twitch
Social Media Bolsters EBusiness
GroupM Downgrades 2015 Ad Spend Forecast
TVEyes Suffers Setback In Battle With Fox News
Google's Challenge
What Happens When The Browser Is No Longer Search's Front Door?
Google Reopens Map Maker
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015
Google Search Queries Identify 'Collaboration' As A Business Objective
Malvertising Up 300% In 2014, Spreading Cross-Channel Through Search Ads, Display, Video
Yandex Adds Ad Tracking To Mobile Analytics
Programmatic Market Trends Show It's The Data, Stupid
Email Search Tools Are Being Used to Extort Victims of Data Breach
Global Rout Hits Social Media Stocks, Too
Claiming Your Local Directory Listing
How Amazon Text Ads Work
Microsoft Launches Cortana On Android In U.S.
Google Tests Food-Photo Aggregation
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 24, 2015
Out-Of-Stocks Rising - Would Programmatic Between Ad Serving, Inventory Ordering Help?
Amazon Says Bye-Bye To Flash Ads
Bing Excels At Extraordinary Rate
Baby Boomers Exchange Loyalty For Customer Service, Simplicity
'Unicorns' Poaching Top Industry Talent
Google Feels Heat From EU Antitrust Domain Abuse Investigation
Google Tests Foodies Photos In Maps
Opportunity for Beacon Marketing Grows
Wearables & Leading to the Marketing Messaging
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 21, 2015
Debunking Google Rumor Of Video Ads Serving In Search Results
Life Sciences Google X Division Becomes First New Alphabet Company
How To Handle Keyword Repetition In Campaigns
YouTube Adds More Than 1,000 Searchable Songs, Royalty Free
Google Must Remove Links Within 35 Days, Says ICO
Wasserman Media Adopts Visual Search Technology
What's Behind Google Alphabet
Google Ventures Leads $100 Million Investment In 3D Printing Startup
Google Rethinks Same-Day Delivery Service
The Search For A Single Stack: Answer To Video's Fragmentation Problems?
Google's Foray Into Auto Insurance
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015
Marketers Spend Less On Back-To-School Desktop Paid-Search Campaigns
Online Ad Industry Needs To Wake Up And Deal With Ad Blocking
Drumroll, Please - Automated Extensions For Google PLAs
Microsoft Bing Beats Google To Punch With Snapshots
Blogs Vs. Longer Content, Context?
Google's Foray Into Auto Insurance
Google Loses Data After Lightning Strikes
How To Test Locale-Adaptive Pages
Bing Threads News On Mobile
Why QAC For Search Needs A More General Approach
Munchery, Google Play Music Together
Google Launches Site Dedicated to Hangouts
Google Rethinks Same-Day Delivery Service
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015
Back-To-School Search Ads Must Lead Online Consumers To Local Stores
Google Award To iCrossing Identifies Importance Of Offline Impact To Online Search Ads
Google's Three Top Ads In Search Results
How Real-Time Global Offline Data Makes Its Way Online
IDG/Nativo Deal Highlights Why Native Advertising Needs Standards
How Search Marketers Can Gain Profit From Display
Google Opens YouTube Space In Mumbai
Three Proven Steps To Data-Driven Marketing
Microsoft Bing Adds Automated Rules Notifications
Wikipedia Seeing Long-Term Issue With Google Traffic Drop
Google Leans on Apps for IoT in the Home
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015
Search Becomes Tool To Create Niche Google Businesses
SocialWire Rebrands To Manifest, Brings Social Data Into Paid-Search Campaigns
Google OnHub WiFi Router Connects IoT Devices
Google Hangouts Gets Its Own App, Web Site
Facebook Passes Google In Referral Traffic
Marketers See Need For Improvement In Global Multichannel Digital
Google Postpones Project Ara Smartphone
What's Driving Search Marketers To Become Full Stack Campaign Managers?
Can Alphabet Spark Corporate Innovation?
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