Munchery, Google Play Music Together

Food is always more enjoyable when accompanied by music, which is why food delivery service Munchery is teaming with Google Play Music and its agency Essence to introduce customized music playlists.

“Taste and sound both have a special way of bringing people together, so it felt natural to connect them in one simple, fun experience,” said Nicolas Bernadi, VP of food, Munchery.

“We want people to be excited about mealtime – everything from our locally sourced ingredients to the mood, soundtrack and environment.”

The program works in several ways.

First, each Google Play Music dish was inspired by a specific station chosen by the Munchery Chefs. Select musical menus include “Coffee Shop Indie Radio” with beef bourguignon, charcuterie plate, chocolate cake and “Family Car Ride Karaoke” as whole chicken for two and family-size kale salad. These custom menus are available twice a week in each of Munchery’s current cities: New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Users are then able to order these Google Play Music meals from Munchery and can launch the radio station that inspired it right from the menu item page.



Once delivered, users also receive a custom card insert that drives to Google Play Music so they can enjoy their favorite station with their favorite meal. In all, users can access these lists through Munchery’s website, mobile app and daily menu emails.

“Turning a great menu into a great moment is all about what you pair with it – the drinks, your friends and especially the music. Google Play Music and Munchery together bring the best food and the best music to make your dining experience perfect,” said Zena Arnold, head of Americas marketing, Google Play.

The custom pairings will be available through Sept. 11. This is the first project Google has ever done with Munchery.

Munchery provides gourmet meals priced between $9 and $14 that are prepared by local chefs and delivered in 20 to 40 minutes. Users then cook the dishes themselves, a la Papa Murphy's. People seem to like the concept. The San Francisco-based startup recently was valued by private equity backers at more than $300 million.

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