Video Daily Editions for May 2014
Video Daily - Friday, May 30, 2014
Everybody's Talking About Viewability And That Ain't Good
Boost Mobile Launches 'Spokesbattle'
One in Ten Americans Use Seven or More Social Platforms
U.S. Ad Market Forecast To Spike 6.2% In 2014
Adidas' World Cup Ad Campaign Looks Expensive And Average
DirecTV On Taking Programmatic In-House: 'Data Is A Currency'
The Breakdown Of Mobile Programmatic Buying
Sizable TV Deletions Occur, Despite Frequent Recordings
Mag Bag: Conde Nast Circulates Native Ad Guidelines
You Must Remember This, Though You Won't
Amazon Prime Will Offer Streaming Music Service Soon, Reports Say
Google Begins Reporting How Well Local Markets Deliver Streaming
Vimeo Adds Original Content
Mary Meeker As A Graphic
NPR Puts Person Behind Twitter Account, Sees Engagement Soar
Video Daily - Thursday, May 29, 2014
Hulu, Netflix Seen As Good Value, Trad TV Stats Dip
It's Hard To Tell A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come
Marketers: Time To Go 'Over The Top' With Video?
FreeWheel, Partner, Will Collaborate On FourFronts Marketplace
Wrestling WIth The Native Advertising Debate
Fox Entertainment Chair Reilly Is Out
With Video, Fraud Is Very Viewable
DigitasLBi Provides SocialFlow Ad Tech To Enhance Paid, Owned, Earned Media
Programmatic Spend Up Across The Board; Travel, Telecom Verticals Become More Competitive
InMobi Partners With Rubicon To Launch Mobile Native Ad Exchange
Yahoo's YouTube Competitor Should Draw Cheers From Marketers
Adidas' World Cup Ad Campaign Looks Expensive And Average
Cross-Media Campaigns Register Slight Uptick Over Indie Efforts
Hulu May Give Another Year To 'Community'
India Cricket Beats Olympics Live Streaming Record
Web Site Publishes Misogynistic Emails From Snapchat Founder's Frat Boy Days At Stanford
Vimeo Adds Original Content
Study: VOD Users Watch More TV
Video Daily - Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Social Video Campaign Makes Panama City Beach Warm All Over
Rocket Fuel Responds To Financial Times
Vubiquity Buys UK-based FilmFlex, Beefs Up Video, Digital Assets
How A Celebrity Who Is Also A Human Being Reacts To Internet Snark
How Deaf People Use Online Video
BuzzFeed To End Partner Network, Focuses On Video
Pixel-Sized Ads And Other Viewability Tricks
Intel Creates 'Conflict Free' Microprocessors
The Fraud Problem On Video Exchanges
What I Learned (And Thought About ) At The Recent Joint Video/Mobile IAB Meeting
'Innocence of Muslims' Director Disputes Actress' Claims
TV Cord-Cutters Have No Regrets
NativeX Unveils Native Ad Exchange For Mobile Games
Simulmedia Taps Cooperstein From Forrester As CMO
Despite Big Data, Keep An Eye On Individual
Video Daily - Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Fullscreen Aiming For Its Own Premium Place?
Omnicom, Twitter Sign $230M Multi-Year Agreement
"Impossible" To Police View Frauds, Says WSJ Scribe
Study: 31% of TV Everywhere Users Rewatch Shows, Two-thirds Watch More TV
ESPN's Bodenheimer Exits Cabler
Twitter Tests Feature Inviting Users To See More Videos
When Is An Ad An Ad? Only Time Will Tell
Target To Launch Altuzarra Line
The Hard Road Getting Mass Views On YouTube Without Advertising Budget
Slow Down To Speed Up
Fiat Brings Big Monster Ad To Gas Pumps
Buzzfeed Focusing Partner Network On Video
Human Demand Boosts Mobile Game, Acquires DMP eDealya
How Brands Are Using Instagram
Video Daily - Friday, May 23, 2014
See Hear! Pandora Has A Sound Plan for Video, Too
Media Buyers Cautious Of Facebook Video Ads
Videology's Kerckhove: France Has Embraced Programmatic TV
Hispanics Over-Index In Mobile Video, Second-Screen Consumption
Social Is The Future Of Native
3 Chefs 'Define The Edge' For Wusthof
In Native Advertising, Deception Is A Dangerous Game
Lions, Van Gils Clothing And Soccer Balls! Oh, My.
What Coke's New Campaign Says About the Future of Advertising
I'm Just Not That Into You: The Truth About Altruism
New Way Twitter Is Attracting Video Sharing Advertisers
Of Course, Google Wants Twitch: It Has Big Share Of Live Stream Market
How To Determine If Facebook's Video Ads Are Worth The Cost
Yelp Venturing Into Video
Netflix Puts GBP100m Into Drama Series About The Queen
Ad Tech Start-up TVTY Takes $4.5M
Video Daily - Thursday, May 22, 2014
Questions About The Value Of Online Video; Insight On Long-Term Value of DirecTV Merger
TV Everywhere Has Visibility Issues, But Can Up TV Viewing
Video Shares Double In Past Year
The Smartphone Is The Remote Control
New Feature Lets Facebook Users Share Music, TV
Time Warner, Comcast, Hit Bottom In Customer Satisfaction Survey
How Mobile Changes Consumer Behavior During Work Hours
Without A View Rule, Facebook Premium Video Ads Will Cause Confusion
Facebook Expanding Video Ad Offerings
Marketers 'Taking Programmatic In-House' Gets Real
FT Working On Time-Based Metric For Display
Google's YouTube Could Easily Step Into Live-Stream Gaming Events
Programmatic Internet Of Things Right Around The Corner
Netflix Poised For European Expansion
Video Daily - Wednesday, May 21, 2014
With Time On Our Hands, We Spend Most Of It At Social Sites, A Little Less Watching Video. And Then There's Porn
Dow Jones Asks Court To Throw Out Privacy Lawsuit
Are Large Upfront Agency Commitments Replacing Strategic Thinking?
SpotXchange Sees 350% Boost In Programmatic Video Spend In Q1; Hires, Promotes 3 For Regional Leadership
Brands of A Certain Age
Coke Debuts First All-UGC TV Spot On 'American Idol'
Tactics To Drive Mobile Native Ad Optimization
Unified Reporting For Video: Beyond Scotch-Tape & Glue
Facebook Expands Video Ads Internationally
Will There Be An 'Oreo' Moment During The World Cup?
NEW! White House Launches Sexual Assault PSA: '1 Is 2 Many'
FT Expands Global Video Ops With N.Y. Studio
Fruit Vines Bites Launch Uses TV, Mobile Tour, Social
Blockbuster Launches 'Blockbuster Everywhere' API
'NY Times' Tests Twitter-Based Reading List
Video Daily - Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Tremor's Wesly Charts The Quiet Revolutions In Connected TV
Publicis, Facebook To Share Data, Images, And Video
Vindico Launches DSP For Video, Features Built-In Tech To Grade Ad Quality
Macy's Testing Facebook's Auto-Play Ads
GoPro Is Going Public, Files For IPO
Mobile Ad Viewership Data Improving, Says Start-Up Celtra
The Reinvention Of Media And The Content Tipping Point
Take Your Sponsorship And Shove It
Centro Taps Moat For Viewability, Media Measurement
Alibaba Could Start Trading In August
Netflix Plans To Master Content Recommendations
Twitter Takes Page From TV With Mute Button
AT&T & Comcast: Change Partners
Picking A Lane In The Programmatic Marketplace
Video Daily - Monday, May 19, 2014
AT&T Announces $48.5 Billion Deal To Buy DirecTV
Where There's Smoke, There's Fire (TV)?
YouTube Aiming To Buy Twitch, Report Says
Connect The Dots: AT&T/DirecTV Merger Leading To Major Over-The-Top Play?
OVGuide, Google Release Video Streaming App For Glass
Walking The Thinnest Tightrope, Balancing OTT A La Carte Vs. Cannibalization
How Times TriesTo Avoid Being Fooled By Phony Video News Footage
Samsung Is Hiring To Build A Mobile Video Business
Stop Saying Programmatic Is Limited
Former 'Star Trek' Player Now Shatters Myths About Boomers Interest In Tech
Cadillac Examines World History Of Wealth
Data Puts New Tynt On 'Dark' Social, Sheds Light On Unseen Power Of The Long Tail
Taste Test: Comparing The Sticks, Roku Wins
Bentley Aligns With Apple, iOS Devices Shoot Luxe Car Video
Facebook Video Analytics: From Subpar To Competitive?
IPG's Mediabrands: 'We'll Keep Score With comScore'
Lists, Lists, And More Bloody Lists
Video Daily - Friday, May 16, 2014
In A Nutshell? FreeWheel's Monetization Report Sees Big Trend In Long Form
IPG's Mediabrands: 'We'll Keep Score With comScore'
CBS News Plans 24-Hour Digital Network
Yahoo Movies Debuts As Digital Magazine
Seacrest, Advance Publications Invest In Video Biz
Bentley Aligns With Apple, iOS Devices Shoot Luxe Car Video
Summarizing A Now More Controversial Study of NYT's Digital Challenges
Advertisers Often Don't Present Relevant Ads Online, Panel Says
Facebook Video Analytics: From Subpar To Competitive?
Google Travelogue Diminishes Genius Of Glass
Marketers Don't Understand Programmatic Buying
Programmatic To Account For 20% Of TV Ad Spend By 2018
The Trouble With Freelancers
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