Video Daily Editions for March 2017
Video Daily - Friday, March 31, 2017
What Do You Know? How Users Translate Video
Verizon To Debut Digital Live Linear TV Network Package
Gannett Dodges Video Privacy Claims -- For Now
Comcast Bows Prepaid Web Service
Apple Hires YouTube Exec To Get Video Going
Modi's Bologna: Advanced TV Not As Daunting As Many Think
Global VR Market Heading To $60 Billion
'Twitchy' Planit Rejiggers Its Operating Model
Say No To The Tablet: 'Monocle' Chose Radio Station, Paywall, Instead
Finding Brand Safety In An Unsafe World
Ad Blocking Is An Opportunity, Not An Obstacle
Oculus Founder Departs Facebook
Newspapers Vow No April Fools' Jokes, Citing Fake News
Video Daily - Thursday, March 30, 2017
As April Fools' Day Nears, Recalling When Hoaxes Were Fun
Millennials Want Better On Demand, Not OTT
Pro-Trump Group Plans Digital, TV Ad Blitz
Doesn't Matter What I Watched, If I Didn't See Your Ad
Ad Revenue Growth Predicted To Rise 3.7% In 2017, Digital Will Soar
BBC Added To NewFronts Schedule
What's Next For Native Outstream Video?
Do I Really Watch That Much Netflix? Don't Ask
U.S. Cinema Ad Market Expands 5.8%, Poised To Reach $800 Mil
New-2-U Video Critique Classiq: Father's Day 2014 Dad Vids
Sitting Next To Objectionable Content
Quilted Northern, Hershey, Pepsi, Dove Win Big In Shopper Marketing
Video Daily - Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Will Trolls And Liars Persist? Internet Leaders Say Yes
Study: Most Consumers Served No More Than One Viewable Impression During A Campaign
Facebook Adds 'Stories' To App, Debuts Camera
Playing Tetris Could Clear Your Mind
BuzzFeed, Fullscreen Will Skip NewFronts
YouTube Walks A Tightrope
MPA Brand Report: Desktop Audience Drops, Mobile Rises
MRC Finalizes Location-Based Ad Measurement Guidelines
TV News Viewing Soars, Cable Rises
TV Marketers' YouTube Quandary: Impossibly Instant Media Buys
AT&T Subscribers Get Digital Mags From Readly
Twitter Extends Pre-Roll Ads To Include Periscope Video
Yup, Everybody Uses Social Media At Work
Challenges Of Becoming A Do-Gooder Brand
Video Daily - Tuesday, March 28, 2017
New YouTube Headache: Fake, Sick Kids Cartoons
Hola Hulu! Telemundo Telenovelas Going There
Apple App, 'Clips,' Joins Mobile Video Fray, Competing With Snapchat
Many Cable TV Networks Continue To Lose Subscribers
Spotify's Acquisition Of MightyTV Aims To Boost Programmatic And Personalization
Summer Camp For Wannabe Influencers - Yes, It's A Thing Now
Searches Spike When Connected To TV Ads
USAF Campaign Proves Engagement Metrics, Click-Throughs Rise With 360 Video
Acxiom, Viant Extend Partnership To Improve Audience And Measurement
Cheetos Debuts Spring 'Fashion' Line
Hello, I Love You. Won't You Tell Me Your Media Name?
Murdoch Wins First Round Vs Google -- But Could Ad Blocking Make It A Pyrrhic Victory?
With F-Words And Ads, FX Has Become HBO With Commercials
Video Daily - Monday, March 27, 2017
U.S. Pay TV Subscribers To Drop 5% By 2022
PBS Uses Roku To Make Its Case
4C Launches TV SaaS Product For Media Buying, Measurement
Twitter, Amazon, Facebook Want To Play In The NFL
Digital Video, Trad TV Play The Scarcity Game
AMC Eyes Ad-Free Pay App, Reuters Says
Monkey See, Monkey Don't
February Ad Revs Slow, Digital And News Up
U.S. Remains Primary Ad Growth Engine, Internet Surpasses TV
Sling TV's Partnership With Adobe On Programmatic Advertising
Searches Spike When Connected To TV Ads
Analyst: Google May Not Be Working Fast Enough On 'Brand Safety' Issues
Known For Precision, Krups Taps A Softer Side
Digital Ads Deliver Profit For 'Quartz'
Jerky Maker Lorissa's Kitchen Debuts National Campaign
'Furious' Boris Johnson Calls Internet Companies' Slow Reaction To Extremism 'Disgusting'
Pottery Barn Taps AR For Furniture Shoppers
Video Daily - Friday, March 24, 2017
ANA Issues YouTube Advisory, Tells Google 'To Do No Harm'
Facebook, Twitter Bid For NFL Streaming Rights
Google Advertisers Already Have Tools To Block Ads From Extremist Content
Take Down Extremist Videos Sooner, Boris Johnson's Pleas
Ad Industry, Broadband Carriers Cheer Senate Vote To Scrap Privacy Rules
Chinese Video Streaming Startup Kuaishou Gets $350M
U.S. Broadband Map Not Updated Since 2014
OTT Vs. Traditional Pay TV: Digital No Longer A Supplement
SoundCloud Raises $70M
Airbnb's Home Videos Overplay The Family Card
Facebook Debuts Collection, Mobile Ads Aid Shopping
Study Identifies Gaping Hole In Media-Buying Practices
'Amazing Mrs. Maisel': Could It Possibly Be 'Mad Men'-Worthy?
Video Must Be Sold The Way Buyers Want To Buy It
Mobile Video Massive As Mobile And Video Integrate
Pay TV Customers Say They're Less Satisfied
Magna's Hughes Sees App-Based Viewing World Ahead
Et Tube, Google: Why Advertiser Backlash May Benefit Broadcast's Upfront
Video Daily - Thursday, March 23, 2017
All Hail To Big Advertisers And Their Empty Gestures
7 In 10 Twitter Users Are Second Screeners
Native Ad Spend to Hit $22 Billion in 2017
Coca-Cola Ditches YouTube Channel
What's Next For Header Bidding?
AT&T Suspending All Non-Search Ads On Google
Google Woes Continue To Mount As Brands Suspend Non-Search Advertising
SpotX Expands In Europe, APAC, Reports 33% Transaction Growth In 2016
Illinois Tourism Targets Adventurous Millennials
Ford Features Ford F-150 Raptor In VR Story
#WeAreNotAfraid -- Trump Jr, Fake News, Selfies And Doctors Show Both Sides Of Social On London Attack
How To Make Luxury Relevant Again
The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth
March Madness Viewership Up, Question Of Paying Players A Nonstarter
Can A Modern Brand Dance Like No One's Watching?
Video Daily - Wednesday, March 22, 2017
A Shoe Drops: Adidas Going All Digital
Taboola Bows Native, Video Ad Integration With The Trade Desk
Snapchat Scores As Top App Across All Demographics
'Wheel Of Fortune' Fail Gives Headline Writer Chance To Tell Related Story
Millennials Skip Online Video Ads, Find Mobile Ads Irrelevant
Media Heavies Invest in Kid-Vid Start-up 'Pocketwatch'
CBS News Updates Apps For Amazon Fire TV, Android TV
Watch March Madness In VR
Native Digital Display Ad Spending Projected To Reach $22B
Nielsen Catalina, Moat Link Viewability And Attention To Offline Sales
Amazon Lets Viewers Pick TV Shows
Adblock Plus Sings Kumbayah With Ad Tech
On TV Everywhere, Kickass Women Rule
Free Advice For NBC Late-Night Publicists: Get Rid Of This Photo
Pop-Ups And Video Auto Play Ads Named The Most 'Disruptive'
FCC's Clyburn Vows To Fight For Net Neutrality
Video Daily - Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Animoto Has A New Square Deal For Advertisers
Advertisers' Digital Marketing Skills Remain Stagnant
VW, Toyota And Tesco Join 250 Companies Boycotting YouTube
Programmers Weary Of Programmatic Deals For Premium Video
We'll Fix LGBTQ Issues, YouTube Veep Says
OTT Viewing Climbs, Traditional TV Usage Drops
Real Estate Firm Launches VR For Homebuyers
Nielsen Catalina Solutions Bows Cross-Media Sales Measurement Tool With Facebook
How DDB Applied Radio And 80's Computer Technology To A New Ad Campaign
Google Apologizes As Analyst Downgrades To 'Hold' On Brand Safety Concerns
How Does Storyful Move The Needle On Social Media Content In Real Time?
Philanthropy Won't Save Journalism. Digital Will
What Happens When Brands Play Politics
Video Daily - Monday, March 20, 2017
YouTube Faces Heat Over LGBTQ 'Restriction'
New Metrics Pay Extra 'Attention' To TV Viewers' Screen Time
Nativo Enables Advertisers To Access Native Video Formats Programmatically
Report: Comcast Checks In At Hulu, But Not NBC
YouTube Humanitarian Gesture; So Long 'Annotations'
Disney Determines Long-Term Impact Of Its MultiPlatform TV
Window, Window In The Wall....
Google Broadens Exact-Match Variations In AdWords
DDB's Clark At The ARF Conference: Data, Intelligence At Our Core
Ad-Tech Firm Brings AI-Powered S-to-S Header Bidding To U.S.
Google's Chickens Come Home To Roost In Its Toughest Week Ever
Kia Campaign Features NBA's LeBron James
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