Ford Features Ford F-150 Raptor In VR Story

Ford is giving consumers a 360-degree virtual reality glimpse into the grueling “Born To Baja” race featuring the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor.  

Stopping only for minor adjustments, the fully street-legal stock Raptor completed the 49th SCORE Baja 1000 back in November 2016 — the same truck that’s now available in Ford dealerships.

Narrated by Ford brand ambassador Denis Leary, the “Born to Baja” story takes users from the assembly line to finish line and into the heart of the Baja peninsula where the all-new Raptor’s durability was put to the ultimate test.

Ford’s marketing team worked alongside the creative team at Global Team Blue on the video. Consumers can download FordVR for iOS and Android devices.



The race’s exotic setting and exciting visual elements made it a perfect fit for the FordVR app, said Darci Gurney, digital marketing manager at Ford Motor Co.  

Ford first launched its FordVR app in August 2016, showcasing the all-new Ford GT’s return to Le Mans. The app delivers a powerful storytelling platform for consumers and fans to experience Ford innovations like never before, she says.

“The FordVR app delivers a powerful storytelling platform for consumers and fans to experience Ford's innovations in an interactive way,” Gurney tells Marketing Daily

While static imagery is a great tool for showing vehicles’ new features and up-close design details, virtual reality is the most effective way to create the experience of being behind the wheel of a Ford. 

“It creates a truly immersive and impactful experience, just like actually driving the vehicle,” Gurney says. “The Baja 1000 race is a unique experience that most of our consumers haven’t experienced, and we wanted to bring the exciting and exotic desert setting to life in our latest VR video.” 

“Born to Baja” is aimed at everyone from Raptor fanatics to prospective buyers to young Ford enthusiasts and beyond, she says.

“FordVR’s latest story showcases the ‘Built Ford Tough’ attitude that the F-150 is known for while creating an entertaining and unique experience for tech-savvy consumers,” Gurney says.

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