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  • World Series Ads Reflect Shifts In Economy As Fast Food Reigns
    This year’s World Series was notable for allowing stadiums to fill up with baseball fans versus last year’s limitations on attendance, given the pandemic. TV viewership improved to an average of 11.74 million viewers a game, a 20% gain from last year’s average of 9.7 million, which was an all-time low. The championship was decided in six games both years, making comparisons in ad airings more direct. Fast-food companies this year showed the most commercials during the games, with almost 8,800 airings, according to analytics firm AdImpact. Those restaurant brands collectively nudged the automotive category out of the top spot, likely a reflection of bottlenecks in supply chains that prevented carmakers from obtaining semiconductors to completely assemble vehicles. The restaurant category was buoyed by Taco Bell, which for the 10th year in a row ran its “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco” promotion. The campaign offered free tacos in the event that any player stole a base during the series. However, job search site ran the most ads during the series, showing that many employers are still struggling to fill millions of job openings amid the “Great Resignation.”
  • Baseball Linear TV Viewing Down On First Weekend, July Sees Higher Sports Streaming: Roku
    Only 30% of TV households that watched Major League Baseball on linear TV in 2019 tuned in to linear TV baseball this past weekend, Roku says. Results were drawn from automatic content recognition data from smart TV sets and other connected devices. Among the most hardcore baseball fans, Roku says, one-third watched zero minutes of linear TV baseball this year.
  • Study: Sports Gamblers Are Big Pay TV Subscribers
    Growing interest in legal sports gambling could mean more potential TV viewers, according to a recent analysis.