• Kellogg Chief Has Some Ad Explaining
    Kellogg Co. is boosting its marketing budget over the $1 billion mark, a move that CEO David Mackay is trying to defend to his company's investors and Wall Street in general. "We believe this really helps us as we look at a more volatile environment," he says. "We believe continued investment in our brands increases our dependability as a company." Mackay notes that the company's ad spending has increased 30% in the last five years as part of a strategy to increase -- or merely hold -- market share as commodity costs bring price hikes on Kellogg brands ...
  • Ad Dependency Leads To Trade Mag Sales
    While Reed Elsevier now delivers most of its legal and medical information via online databases with 90 percent customer renewal each year, one part of the Anglo-Dutch publishing company's business is still heavily reliant on print and increasingly less dependable ad revenue. It and rivals like Thomson and Informa may have been envied by consumer publishers for an ability to roll out profitable digital offerings, but Reed's move last week to put its trade magazines up for sale indicates it wants to get away from any dependence on ad sales. Trade magazines were long seen as among the ...
  • More "Women's Murder Club" For ABC
  • ACLU Enters Oregon Salmon Ad Flap
  • There Will Be... Tedium?
    Sunday's Academy Awards broadcast, hosted by "Daily Show" Jon Stewart, "will cap one of the most subdued Oscar seasons in memory," with such factors as the writers' strike putting a damper on the traditional seasonal buzz. The day itself will see fewer parties, a lack of at least one glamorous presenter (Uma Thurman) because of last-minute planning, and a host of "dark, brooding," nominated movies. No wonder the Oscar statue pictured with this Wall Street Journal story wears the label "Most Depressing Performance -- 2008 Academy Awards."
  • MasterCard Campaign Offers "Priceless" Prizes
    When they say priceless, they really mean it. MasterCard teamed up with Conde Nast to give away three priceless prizes via 14 million sealed envelopes doled out in print ads in 10 Conde Nast pubs, such as Domino. The effort, which breaks on the Oscars, honors the 10th anniversary of the iconic "Priceless" campaign. The prizes range from a trip to visit the seven wonders of the world, having your portrait painted by Julian Schnabel and dining with French Chef David Bouley. A TV spot promoting the campaign bows during this weekend's Academy Awards show ...
  • Edie Falco To Headline New Showtime Comedy
    Most viewers know her best as Carmela Soprano in "The Sopranos," but Emmy-winner Edie Falco also has a talent for comedy. And he's get the chance to prove it in an untitled Showtime pilot, billed as a "dark comedy" about the health-care system. Faco plays a nurse who is terrific at her job, but less successful in her personal life. Earlier this season, Falco had a recurring role on the NBC comedy "30 Rock." "My time on The Sopranos was so rich and so full; the challenge has been finding something else that would excite me. This character ...
  • PSAs To Alert Americans To Digital TV Switch
    U.S. regulators are expected to give broadcasters more flexibility in how they alert viewers about the transition to digital television in 2009, sources close to the agency said on Thursday. The proposal to be approved by the Federal Communications Commission this week involves public service ads that broadcasters are required to run to warn Americans that older, analog televisions will not work after the 2009 switch without the addition of a converter box. The ads must also tell viewers what they need to do to keep their TV from going black.
  • ABC Takes On FCC Over 'NYPD Blue' Fines
  • Team One Gets New CEO
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