Media Habits Changing

  • by May 31, 2001
Media Habits Changing

In a previous brief describing the impact of online media to traditional media, not all classifications were covered. Our readers asked about some of the missing data. A recent release from SharperMedia included some more of the pieces of the puzzle.

A study conducted by the Content Intelligence Group of Lyra Research showed a dramatic preference for the Internet as an information source for both personal and special interests and business information needs.
- 63% of survey respondents chose the Internet for personal and special interest information needs while just 18 % chose magazines
- 48% selected the Web as their favorite source for work-related information while only 7% preferred magazines.

On the other hand according to a Scarborough Research national Internet survey
- 23% of online consumers indicated that they view television less often since they began using the Internet.
- 20% read magazines less
- 15% less newspaper readership
- 9% listened to the radio less

But some users consume traditional media more often
- 11% spent more time with radio
- 9% newspapers
- 8% magazines
- 7% TV/cable

Bob Cohen, president, Scarborough Research, says "While the majority of online users report no change in their traditional media habits … 81% radio; 75% newspapers; 72% magazines; and 70%TV/cable… the fact that substantial percentages of people report altered behavior is evidence to the continuing evolution of consumer habits."

In reporting on radio listening, the Scarborough report showed
-9% of users stated a decline in listening after they became online users
-11%indicated an increase in any radio usage.
-17% often or sometimes listen to Internet-based radio while they are online.

And, about newspaper reading, the report showed that
- 45% of Internet users have read an online newspaper in the past 30 days. Online readers tend to be younger… 41% are between the ages of 18-34 than traditional daily newspaper readership… 23 percent are between the ages of 18-34..

Finally, about streaming media
- 40% of Internet users have used streaming media in the past 30 days
- 61% of the streamies use the Internet at least three times a day
- 91% of streamies have listened to streaming audio in the past 30 days
- 61% have watched streaming video in the past 30 days.

See the press release here.

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