MediaDailyNews Editions for October 2005
MediaDailyNews - Monday, Oct. 31, 2005
Death Takes This Holiday: Grim Milestone Reaps TV Ad Blitz
iPod Downloads Another TV Ad Milestone: The Infomercial
'05 Proving To Be Worst Newspaper Year Since Recession
Cable Costs Will Keep Rising, ESPN To Double By 2009
Fall Season Fuels Record Online Traffic To TV Sites
Cumulus Group Buys Susquehanna Radio For $1.2 Billion
Aegis Sets Deadline For WPP, Bollore Ups Stake
Bubblicious Blows The Case Wide Open On 'CSI'
MediaDailyNews - Friday, Oct. 28, 2005
Media Remains WPP Growth Engine, Report Says Sorrell Probing Carat's 'Volume Discounts'
Fox Strikes Out With Lowest Ratings On Record For A World Series
Papers Struggle To Add Circ., But It Just Doesn't Work
Bollore Continues To Accumulate Aegis Shares
Think Global, Act Pro Bono: Outdoor Comes To UNICEF's Rescue
Q3 Ad Sales Soar 20% At MSN
NBC Revamps On-Air Look, Tones Down Promos
Scripps Unveils First-Ever Web-Only Series
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, Oct. 27, 2005
Bravo Inks Marketing Deal With W Hotels For "Queer Eye"
Publicis Consolidates Corporate Media Role, Names Jack Klues CEO
Digital Publishing Technology Developer iPagez Plans To Enter U.S. Market
Ratings Man Bites Watchdog, Surprise Reactions To MRC Report
CBS Sports' Sean McManus Named President Of CBS News
National Park Service To Seek Corporate Sponsorship Of Public Land
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2005
Stop The Presses: Newspapers Can't Even Give It Away
Google Readies Classified Business
Bollore Boosts Aegis Stake Again
Carat USA Renews With Nielsen Monitor-Plus
RipeTV Harvests Charter Ad Deals, P&G, Dodge Sign On
Infinity Unveils Bi-Coastal Stern Replacement Strategy
Comedy Launches The MotherLoad Of All Broadband Destinations
Congress Continues Debate Over Digital TV Bills
Cablevision Stock Plummets After Pullback On Privatization Plans
WiFi Users: Higher Propensity For High-Tech Media
Radio Giant Pitches Buyers On High Def
Washington Post Co. Offers Free iPod Video Downloads
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2005
Nielsen-Funded Task Force Turns Table, Probes MRC, Issues Report
Bollore Acquires Another 3 Million Aegis Shares, Boosts Stake To 20.48%
Girard Named President Of HGTV
Mag Readership System Hopes To Avoid Pitfalls of Circulation
NBC Universal, Time Warner Strike Programming Carriage Deal
Stock In Trade: VNU Seen As Takeover Candidate, Primedia Announces Split-Up
Bugs Hops From Tube To Web, Other Toons Too
U.S. News Continues To Lead, Extends Franchise
MediaDailyNews - Monday, Oct. 24, 2005
Bollore Adds 1.03 Million Aegis Shares, Boosts Stake to 20.22%
Verizon's FiOS Network Gets Texas Franchise Approval
Networks Need More To Meet Q4 Sales Goals
Buyer Survey Reveals Online Remains A Spot Ad Market, Few Commit Long-term
Dairy Queen Chills The Competition, Other Product Placements of the Week Adds User-Generated Video Streams
MediaDailyNews - Friday, Oct. 21, 2005
Big Media Shops Launch New Channel Planning Tool, Reveal Strength For Radio, Papers, Mags
Aegis Names WPP Exec Head Of Media Operations
Bollore Acquires 1.9 Million Aegis Shares, Raises Stake to 20.13 Percent
Senate Passes VNR Bill, Requires Disclosure
Arbitron Polishes Apollo Deal, SC Johnson Waxes On
Google Breaks Another Quarterly Estimate
Newspapers Tumble On Weak Q3 Results
Carat Places Surprising Sex Trade Ads For Lifetime Television
Kagan Research: A Good Year For TV Stations
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, Oct. 20, 2005
VNU Hedges Bets -- Again -- Pitches Its Own, Cheap Alternative To Apollo
Bollore Raises Stake To A Fifth Of Aegis, WPP Dabbles
Carat Buys More Than :60, Arranges '60 Minutes' Exclusive For Philips
New York Times Results: All About About, Print Lags Online Sales
The Games People Play, Sponsors Apparently Don't
'Martha' On The Rebound, Now Her Daytime Series Is Showing Life
National Geo Unveils Broadband Strategy
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2005
Nielsen Hatches Plan For Fourth Set Of Ratings, The One Spun To The Press
ANA To FCC: No Kidding, We're Suing
Bollore Ups Aegis Stake To 19.15 Percent, WPP Buys Some Shares
Carat, StarLink Continue New Biz Streak
Martha Stewart: NBC Show Is A 'Wonderful Advertisement'
Prime Time Update: ABC Leads, CBS Steady, NBC Prays 'Earl' Is A Pearl
Mel to Mags: Produce More Content
Obit: Leo Bogart, Dead At 84
Business Ad Pages Continue To Erode
Meredith Cuts On-Demand, Place-Based Deals For American Baby
Yahoo! Soars On Strong Online Ad Market
Viacom Accelerates Split-Up
Campbell-Ewald Retains U.S. Navy
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2005
AMC Cover Story: 'What, We Worry?'
Zoom Media Bowls A Strike Has Talent Spin Blogging Marketing Support
In Pod We Trust
Andrew Swinand Named EVP At Starcom
Publishers, Editors: Product Placement Means Our Product's Debasement
Going Digital In 2009 Means Chaos For TV Customers, Research Groups Say
DMA Launches New Identity
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