Friday, October 28, 2005
  • Media Remains WPP Growth Engine, Report Says Sorrell Probing Carat's 'Volume Discounts'

    A day after Chairman Martin Sorrell described the media industry as being in a "certain amount of panic" over the Internet, WPP Group reported … Read the whole story

  • Fox Strikes Out With Lowest Ratings On Record For A World Series

    Fox's lowest ratings on record for a World Series brought other misery--the four-game sweep also cost the network about $20 million to $30 million … Read the whole story

  • Papers Struggle To Add Circ., But It Just Doesn't Work

    It's no surprise that the newspaper industry has been struggling to grow its circulation, but publishers may be doing worse than many think, according … Read the whole story

  • Think Global, Act Pro Bono: Outdoor Comes To UNICEF's Rescue

    With much fanfare, organizers on Thursday unveiled what they claimed to be the first-ever global media buy. Except it wasn't actually a "buy." It … Read the whole story

  • NBC Revamps On-Air Look, Tones Down Promos

    The NBC Agency--the network's in-house marketing agency--has turned down the volume, redesigning its prime-time network on-air look and softening its promo messages. Read the whole story