Search Marketing Daily Editions for December 2015
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, Dec. 31, 2015
Ringing In 2016 Predictions, But Someone Must Shoot This Zombie In The Head
RallyPoint Raises $5 Million
Blurred Lines No More: The Regulators Are Going Native In 2016
Click-Throughs, Impressions Dying Metrics For Some Media
U.S. Military Says Google's Robot Too Noisy
No Lost Love From HTTP Links
Local Newspapers Changing Hands, Shutting Down
Merchandising Is Next Data Point In Online Ad-Serving Platforms
Search Engine Identifies Medical Privacy Violators
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2015
Combining Search Virtual Assistants, Customer Service In 2016
Gabriel Stricker Returns To Run Communications For Google Fiber
Beacons, Grocery Shopping, Consumer Behavior Tops In MobileShopTalk For Year
Google Glass Lives
Google Moves To Another Open-Source API For Android, Settles Oracle Dispute
40 Million Cars Connected To The Internet; 64% Want It
Alphabet's Schmidt Suggests Startups Use Facebook, Other Social Platforms
Microsoft AI Becomes Live TV Weather Host In China
Google Derails AVG Anti-Malware After Discovering Potential Chrome Data Leak
Facebook Defends Zero-Rating Program, Compares 'Free Basics' To Libraries
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2015
10 Behavioral Trends Guiding Advertising In 2016
Data Shows How Google Drives Search Traffic To LinkedIn
Doors Opening For Advertising Via Internet Of Things
Google Glass Filing, Photos Surface In FCC Documents
Jeep Takes Native Ads For A Test Drive Through Yahoo's Portals
Is Apple Coasting?
Global Media Spending Growing 5.1% Through 2019
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, Dec. 28, 2015
Google's Search Home Page Became A Message Board In 2015
Unholy And Undone
Closing The Moment Marketing Gap In 2016
Boomer Holiday Shopping Wrap-up
Why Consumers Should Prefer Your Brand
Email Phishing Scams On The Rise
Google Explains The Startup Launch Program
Google's Would-Be Cloud Queen
Yandex Worker Takes Search Source Code To Black Market
Syrian Search Engine Launches To Combat U.S. Internet Sanctions
Bing Predicts Denver Over Cincinnati
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, Dec. 24, 2015
Can Search Engine Results Sway The Political Vote?
Walled Gardens
How The Living Planet Aquarium Earned Co-Op Marketing Funds Through Data
Google's Winners, Losers Domain Ranking In 2015
Santa's Robotic Reindeer From Google's Boston Dynamics
What's The Perfect Paid Search Bid Strategy For Your Business?
Humanizing The Brand
Advertising To Surpass $500 Billion In 2016
SocialRank To Unveil Word Search In January
5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Take Off In 2016
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2015
The Beatles Original Songs Come To Streaming Sites
Google Sites Still Attract 247 Million Unique Visitors
Microsoft Takes Aim At Adware On PCs Running Windows
AppNexus Worthy Google Rival? Announces New Deals With 50 Publishers
Collective, 4A's Foundation Award Bill Caspare Memorial Fund
FTC Says Native Ads Must Carry Clear Disclosures
Google Developing Messaging App
What If Marketers Gain 100% Conversation Rate In Search
Google To Offer Password-Free Log-ins
Google Will Probably Join Rest Of Mobile Messaging Gang
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2015
Google, Ford Joint Venture Would Advance Technology And Automotive Practices, Ease Challenges
Yahoo AMPs Up The Mobile Web
Why I'm (Cautiously) Optimistic About 2016
Google, Ford Reportedly Will Announce Joint Venture In January
Fitness Trackers Vs. Smartwatches: King Of The Wearables
Microsoft Disables Cortana's Hands-Free Feature
Wearables To Dominate 2016 Trends, Says Report
AOL Launches Alto Mail To Manage Multiple Email Platforms
Privacy Group Wants New Cross-Device Tracking Regulations
Beacons On Buses Aid Visually Impaired Riders
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, Dec. 21, 2015
Multichannel Campaigns Must Interconnect Or Fail
Microsoft Sharpens Its Data Chain Through Metanautix Acquisition, Partnerships
For Best Results: Big Data, Meet Media Research
Google Reaches For Cloud Space To Power Advertising, Services
Emotions At The Heart Of Successful Campaigns
Heineken USA's Ron Amram Says 'Walled Gardens' Will Open Up
Fitness Trackers Vs. Smartwatches: King Of The Wearables
Google CEO Sundar Pichai Rock Star In India
Alphabet Losing $1.5 Billion Annually On 'Other Bets'
Google Woman Exec Becomes Australian Broadcasting Corporation Managing Director
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, Dec. 18, 2015
Google Prioritizes HTTPS Pages
Electronic Frontier Foundation Self-Service Tech Analyzes Privacy In Browsers
Search Engines Struggle To Keep Web Traffic
Partnership Brings More Accurate Targeting To Mobile Video Exchange
Oracle Marketing Cloud Integrates With ContentMX, Gains Original Email Content
U.S. Ad Index Climbs Again To Another Record High
Ban On Driverless Cars Proposed
Is Williams Apple's Next CEO?
An Ad-Blocking Idea That Pays Off For Web Sites
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015
Are U.S. Presidential Candidates Buying Backlinks To Boost Search Rankings?
Amazon Predictive Search Grabs 87% For U.S. Holiday Comparison Shopping
Facebook M Drives More Buzz Than Siri, Cortana, Google Now Voice Digital Assistants
Facebook Launches Instant Articles, More News And Faster Loads
Purch Acquires ShopSavvy To Build User Base Through Mobile Apps
Alibaba Denies Buying Hong Kong Newspaper 'Ming Pao'
Marketing Gone Mobile: How To Harness Mobile And Content Marketing
Microsoft SmartScreen Blocks Drive-By Malware Attacks
Google Opens Its Wallet In Lobby Efforts
Google, Facebook Look For Valhalla In India
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