Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for October 2016
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Oct. 17, 2016
Search Educators, Chat Bots Or Otherwise
eBay Collective Launches, Curates Images From Visual Search Engine
Determining When There's Something To Talk About
Yahoo Loses Search Engine Partner, First Since Data Breach Reveal
The Anxiety of Authenticity -- Or, New Ways of Seeing
Google Connects Web Messaging For Push Notifications Through Firebase
Virtual Reality Projected To Grow To $2 Trillion Long-Term
Clicks On Travel Paid-Search Ads Rose In Fall, Not Summer, 2015
Apple CEO Says Company Keen On Augmented Reality
Advocates Press FCC To 'Unlock' Cable Boxes, Pass Privacy Rules
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Oct. 14, 2016
Retail Advertisers Spent $1.44 Billion On U.S. Google Holiday Text Search Ads In 2015
Google Focuses On Mobile-First Indexing, Adds News Fact-Check Tag
How Much Will Digital Marketers Make In 2017?
Pinterest Tops 150M Users, Celebrates Community Diversity
Should YouTubers Get Political This Year?
Apple Poaches Talent From Imagination Technologies
Facebook Adds Content To Apple TV, Google Chromecast
MBS Hack Exposes 58 Million Database Records
How To Be An "All Star"
Are We Too Critical Of Tech, Or Not Tough Enough?
The Anxiety of Authenticity -- Or, New Ways of Seeing
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016
Google Penguin 4 Lives In Real-Time -- Why Sites Didn't Recover
Google To Regain MRC Accreditation For DoubleClick For Publishers Mobile Impressions
Apple, Google Welcome Nudity-Free 'Playboy'
Google Search Trends Data Surges For Political Write-Ins
The Data Quality Imperative
Pinterest Adds To Ad-Targeting Options
DAA To Start Enforcing Cross-Device Privacy Rules In February
How To Be 'Agency Of The Year'
AOL Adds IAS Pre-Bid Viewability To ONE Platform
Best Bot Traits: Purpose, Learning, Personality
Facebook Advertising 2.0 Is A Force To Be Reckoned With
Nearly Half Of Millennials Use Ad Blocking On Their Desktop
Google Updates 'Photos'
Twitter Bows 'Periscope Producer' To Attract Premium Content
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016
Search Affiliate Looks To AI, Machine Learning For Ad Fraud Detection, Attribution
Intel Taps Real-Life Experience With Michael Phelps In Ad Campaign
The Future Of Consumer Targeting Lives At Intersection Of Digital, Physical Data
Adobe Expands Document Cloud With 3 New Features
'Trump Video' Searches Soared
Brands Pine For Broader People-Based Marketing Options
All-The-Time Mobile Shopping Heads Into Holidays; 56% Can't Imagine Life Without Phone
Keep On Truckin: iCrossing Wins Swift Transportation
New IAB Standards Promise Major Ad Shakeup
Paid-Search Text Ads Outpace PLAs For Halloween
Facebook Looks To Test Drones For Linking Unconnected Areas, Says Report
Amazon Gets New IoT Lead, From Microsoft
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016
How Keywords Give Marketers Insight Into Lifestyles
Video Voice Search Engine Identifies Keywords In Audio Clips
MediaPost Agency Of The Year Awards
Google Acquires FameBit To Help Content Creators Find Perfect Partners
Lessons You Can Learn From The Auto Industry
Ad Industry Slams FCC's 'Counterproductive' Privacy Proposal
Google Defends Louisville Law That Could Boost Fiber Rollout
Yahoo Disables Email Forwarding
Fear And Anger Are In Quite A Race
Mobile To Slow Growth For Ecommerce Holiday Spending
Google Popup Home Page Ads Remind You To Register To Vote
Trump, Clinton Tie In Searches During Second Debate
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Oct. 10, 2016
Google Assistant Gains Personality From Pixar, The Onion Writers
Google Product Listing Ads Driving Up Revenue
Third-Generation Hispanics Want Advertisers To Know Them Better
Consumers Press For Right To Sue Turn In Federal Court
Salesforce Reveals 'Einstein' Details, Becomes Less Theoretical
Vice News Site Revamps To Match New 'Tonight' Series
Facebook Launches Workplace Service For Companies
UK Cracks Down On Web Trolls
Unsuccessful Site Search Leaves Sales On The Table
Ad Blocking Is A Racket -- And Google Has Been Fuelling The Fire
Social Media Is Causing More... Avalanche Deaths?
Snapchat Bumps Publisher Content For User Stories
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Oct. 7, 2016
Intel IQ Shares Its Content Strategy
Google Backs Out Of Twitter Bid, Marketers Dismayed
Apple's Ambient Paradigm: Connected Devices Act As One For Consumers
Mobile Searches Account For 15 Hours Daily
New Broadband Privacy Proposal Still Restricts Ad Targeting
New Yorkers To Get Made By Google Popup Store
Another Reason Not To Take Sick Days
Facebook Is SO Pumped For The VR Revolution
Big Data Will Continue To See Big Gains
Yahoo Likely to Face Lawsuits Over Data Breach
Apple Launches Search Ads In App Store
Twitter Shares Plummet As Google And Disney Drop Purchase Talks
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016
Criteo CEO On Future Of HookLogic After Acquisition
Etsy Sellers Gain Direct Access To Google Shopping Campaigns
FCC Chief: ISPs Need Opt-In Consent To Target Based On Browsing History
Apple, Google Named Top Global Brands (Again)
Pixate To Shutter, Google Cloud Remains Work In Progress
Targeting Both Household Influencers And Buyers Increases Conversion 211%
4 Google Page One Optimization Tips
Samsung Buys AI Assistant Made By Two Former Siri Co-founders
Google Prepares For AI-First World
Cross-Device Attribution Still Sticky Wicket
Yahoo Forced Into Spying on Emails With Court Order
Apple Focuses On Relevance To Target Search Ads In App Store
Google Says: Good Luck Getting Consumers' Attention
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016
Google Integrates Search Across Gmail, Calendar, Groups, Drive
Optimized E-Commerce Functionality Takes Family Businesses Beyond Mom And Pop
Criteo Paying $250M For HookLogic
What's Google's Plan With New 'Pixel' Phones?
Google Home Goes On Sale
Amazon Massive Influence On eCommerce Market
Yahoo Secretly Scanned All Incoming Emails At Request Of Government
Shopping Satisfaction: Mobile 47%, Desktop 56%, Store 60%
Yahoo Denies Building Software for Government to Spy on Users
Cutdown Version of Google's Product Intro
Bing Rolls With Expanded Device Targeting
Google, Facebook Become Focus Of Holiday Digital Campaigns
AI, Advertising's Next Big Step In Personalizing Branded Videos
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016
Ask Search Experts Why One Search Results Page Outranks Another
Google Virtual Assistant, Pixel, Daydream View VR Headset Brings Advertisers Home
Q&A: Michael Klein, Adobe's Head Of Industry Strategy
Criteo Worked With Forward Thinkers At HookLogic Long Before Acquisition
How To Set Up Your Site For International SEO
Facebook Debuts Marketplace, New Mobile Tool
Criteo Snares HookLogic, Supply Chain Continues To Consolidate
Google Urges FCC To Revise Broadband Privacy Proposal
PushSpring, ComScore Partner To Enhance Mobile Audience Segments
What Does Responsive Gmail Mean For Email Marketers?
Most Retailers Invest In Social Marketing
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