• Jack Myers' Think Tank: Scientology and YouTube; Strike Impact; Upfronts; And Roger Clemens
    Conspiracy theorists are having a field day with the YouTube freeze on view counts of all Scientology related stories that prevented several videos that are critical of Scientology from appearing on YouTube's "Most Popular Videos" home page feature....
  • When Broadcast Doesn't Matter
    So I have been at the KidScreen Summit all week in New York -- talking, thinking, sharing, networking all things kids content. And here is what I have learned: broadcast deals don't matter, and if you are really passionate about your content, it could make all the difference in the world.
  • Remembrances Of Coke Passed
    In deference to the responses I received from my TV Board blog last week (Coca-Cola, Shelf Space & Contential Longitude), I promised to write one more piece honoring the memory of those media buyers, planners and sellers that survived the "Coke wars."
  • Dump The Thrill Of The New If The Old Still Works Best
    When advertisers set out "to boldly go where no one has gone before," my attention increases and I watch with eager anticipation. I accept that the thrill of the new opportunity is most attractive. Maintaining the conventional rarely holds attention. But what possesses advertisers to announce proudly that the revolution must continue, when the evidence mounts that it isn't working?
  • Jack Myers' Think Tank -- Double, Double, Toil and Trouble: Media Industry Cauldron Bubbles
    After nearly 17 years with MTV, Christina Norman stepped down yesterday as the network's president. Last May Christina told me, "For the past few years we have been talking about our challenges, and now it's become all about the possibilities. We rise and fall on how we embrace possibility. This is a new playground and we're eager to find out the next act."
  • Entertainment In Your Inbox
    So, as a jaded and curmudgeonly ol' digital coot (is that P.C.?), I would have to say that it takes a lot to amuse me. A lot. Having said that, when something does strike me as funny, I love to torture everyone around me with it. So here it goes.
  • An Election Like No Other
    Like millions of others, I spent much of last night in front of the TV following the events of Super Tuesday as they unfolded (or at least as they were speculated on prior to unfolding).My particular choice of mediator was BBC America, accompanied by my trusty laptop and the rather wonderful Google Maps application that tied in Twitter and Twittervision to graphically represent what was going on around the country and provide a means for people to comment on what they saw taking place. Aside from making things easier to track, this combination of media experiences reinforced the extent to ...
  • Coca-Cola, Shelf Space And Contential Longitude
    In 1985, I was invited by the executive management at McCann Erickson to run Coca-Cola's national broadcast buying group. Pepsi had signed pop singer Michael Jackson ("Billie Jean") as spokesperson, and its market share was skyrocketing. For the first time in the cola wars, price and volume were giving "the event" drink a run for its money. Blindfolded, I was ushered into a meeting room. The first words I heard were "I had a dream." To my surprise, we were in a room full of Caucasians -- and the dream was to successfully launch a "new" Coca-Cola, sweeter, like Pepsi, ...
  • Interactive TV: Marketing's Next Frontier
    Television viewers are using their remote control just as they would a mouse: to request information, ask for free samples, or even to buy products. The marriage of technology and marketing is available in over 65 million homes, but in their rush to discover the next big thing and jump on the latest bandwagon, all but the most progressive marketers (albeit a growing list) are completely unaware of interactive TV's power as a super-charged marketing communications tool.
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