Don't Get Left Behind: CTV Strategies Every Local Advertiser Needs

Author: Ed Ziskind

At the Upfronts, the power of streaming was on full display as major media companies showcased their content slates and emphasized their data and tech capabilities. In parallel, a rebundling trend emerged, with several streaming services unveiling new bundle offerings. These developments underscore the pivotal role of ad-supported CTV in shaping the future of streaming.

Consumers have firmly embraced streaming for its convenience, choice, and control, solidifying CTV as the fastest-growing advertising segment — with the IAB forecasting it to grow 32% faster than total media overall this year.

However, major media companies are prioritizing their streaming resources to serve big national advertisers, leaving local advertisers with smaller budgets at risk of being left behind.  And with the average home using around seven streaming apps and over 25% of households utilizing ten or more, it’s clear that viewers are spread across multiple platforms. For local advertisers, this means that placing ads on just one or two platforms won't deliver the necessary reach or scale.

With viewers consuming content across multiple screens and platforms, including the proliferation of FAST channels, how should local advertisers navigate an increasingly fragmented landscape — and what does effective CTV buying look like for them?

Embracing Local Opportunities with CTV

Local advertisers can now tap into sophisticated audience targeting and advanced measurement capabilities that were previously reserved for national and big brand advertisers. Additionally, they have access to premium CTV inventory, enabling local advertisers to compete on a more level playing field with national brands. However, this is only possible if they partner with trusted local experts.

Three key considerations for local advertisers:

Brand safety should not be a trade-off: Local advertisers must ensure that their brand aligns with brand-safe content. There's a misconception that advertisers with smaller budgets are not guaranteed access to brand-safe inventory. However, premium CTV inventory is now democratized and available to marketers of all budgets. Thus, local advertisers should work with a partner that can aggregate and curate brand-safe premium inventory across multiple trusted platforms and providers. Additionally, they should ensure their ad dollars are spent effectively, reaching real viewers—and not wasted on bots.

Access to Precision Targeting and Personalization: Local advertisers expect the same level of sophisticated targeting capabilities as national advertisers. Even with budget constraints, smaller local advertisers want to ensure their ad dollars are spent effectively in reaching local audiences at scale. They can now target audiences in more precise ways — be it reaching in-market shoppers, applying persona-based targeting, or creating custom audiences.

Additionally, advertisers are seeking increased localization and personalization, achievable through dynamic creative in CTV ads. These features provide an engaging and relevant ad experience, such as embedding a scannable QR code. Such advanced functionalities are increasingly within reach for local advertisers across all budget ranges.

Driving Full-funnel Measurement: For local advertisers, the priority lies in ensuring the effectiveness of their ad spend and driving tangible outcomes. They're seeking closed-loop attribution to drive sales conversions, and these tools are now readily available locally. Advertisers can tap into comprehensive, industry-specific measurement capabilities, including tracking reach extension, brand lift, website visits, and correlating CTV viewership with in-store and online sales. Local advertisers can harness a suite of new solutions to gain deeper insights into the ROI of campaign impressions and accurately measure outcomes across the customer journey.

Local advertisers require a trusted and cost-effective CTV advertising partner capable of executing campaigns at the household level, tracking conversions, and minimizing wasted impressions. Premion is a proven partner with cutting-edge data and tech capabilities, specializing in understanding unique local characteristics, viewer trends, and the power of local relevance that drives outcomes. We’ve successfully executed numerous campaigns for thousands of local advertisers nationwide.

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