Around the Net In Media Editions for November 2005
Around the Net In Media - Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2005
Mother Nature Gains As "Person of Year" Candidate
Jack-FM Not Yet Hijacking The Airwaves
"Nightline" Ready For Move From Washington to New York
A Comprehensive Essay: "The End of News?"
Knight Ridder Officially on the Block
Harper's To Get New Editor
Martha Leaves: It's a Good Thing
Newspaper Industry To Test New Business Models
Jarvis Hits Carr, Sparks Fly
Terence Smith On the News Business
Ray Romano Will Be Back--For One Night
Around the Net In Media - Monday, Nov. 14, 2005
E.W. Scripps Takes a Hit, Blames Wilma
"7th Heaven" Goes to Its Final Resting Place
Sun-Times Reviews Expose Of Modern Advertising
Tabloid Format Proving Profitable in the U.K.
Ready for "The Fox Evening News with Shepard Smith"?
"Great Journalism" Needed to Overcome Media Crisis
Hollywood Writers Complain About Product Placements
AOL and Warner Bros. Team for Online TV
Around the Net In Media - Friday, Nov. 11, 2005
Army Sweeps Back into Town
The Not-the-Craigslist Initiative
Nielsen Refutes Charge It Slights U.S.-Born Latinos
Murdoch Questions Wall Street's View Of News Corp.
Google Plans Test Of Print-Advertising Program
Roll-up Digital Displays Closer To Reality?
Philbin Hopes to "Save" His Network Yet Again
Playboy Plans Bigger Online Presence
Fox Gets Behind "Prison Break"
Most Trusted Name In News: Public Broadcasting
Around the Net In Media - Thursday, Nov. 10, 2005
The Weather Channel Goes Black
Olbermann Gets Some Respect--Finally
Toyota Abandons FX's Graphic "Nip/Tuck" Drama
TV Guide Already Rethinking Its Spinoff Magazine?
TimesSelect Reveals Its First Numbers
Former FT Editor Calls Newspapers Obsolete
TV Sex on the Rise; Sen. Obama Says Congress Might Act
Around the Net In Media - Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2005
Tom Cruise Wises Up
XM Satellite Radio Seeks Novel Advantage over Sirius
Another Sunday Magazine Disappears
Game Shows Score Season Highs
Liberty Media Selects Next CEO
Networks' 99-Cent On-Demand TV Shows Will be Watermarked
Around the Net In Media - Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2005
Chung & Povich Will Pair on MSNBC
"Everybody Loves Raymond" Spinoff Looking Doubtful
Knight Ridder's Troubles Represent Industry's Challenges
Shocker: Republican "Candidate" Wins "West Wing" Debate
NBC Seeks Controlling Partner For Paxson Stations
"Floodgates Open" As CBS & NBC Sign Alternate Distribution Deals
Around the Net In Media - Monday, Nov. 7, 2005
Paper Goes Electronic, Big Implications For Print Media
VNU Seen As Ending IMS Deal
California, New York Get Political Ad Votes
Big Buyers Reject Nielsen's DVR Playback Ratings, Say They Will Negotiate Based On "Live" Numbers
TiVo Has Its Own Internet Bypass Strategy: Yahoo! Deal Bypasses Cable, Satellite TV
Around the Net In Media - Friday, Nov. 4, 2005
Today in Media History
ABC's Viewers "Lost" When Reruns Aired Wednesday
Random House Goes Hollywood
CPB's Tomlinson Resigns After Report Of Conservative Agenda
Comedy Central Goes To Its Bench ... And Scores
Nissan Decides to Sing a Different Tune
Around the Net In Media - Thursday, Nov. 3, 2005
This Day In Media History
Pakistani Rape Victim is Glamour's Woman of the Year
Sirius Satellite Radio Takes Liquor Ads
CBS Raises Threshold, Posts Series on Web
Univision Profit Up 8 Percent
It's a Crime: NBC Ready to Launch New Cable Channel
What Does Brown Do for You? Nothing, Says CNN
Around the Net In Media - Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2005
Today In Media History
Sony Not Trying Hard Enough To Reach Christians?
Knight Ridder Investor: Get Rid Of The Papers
Cox Pulls Out Of Cable, Sell Systems To Cebridge
Fed Drug Ad Hearings Prove Divisive
Kellogg Media Review Begins To Crackle, Ready To Pop
Variety Quietly Folds V Life, Its Consumer Magazine
WPP Goes Hollywood, Buys Into Weinstein's New Studio
Nielsen Faces New Storm--Literally
Time Warner Posts Healthy Q3, Yields To Carl Icahn
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