Dead Tweeting The Oscars!

AARCHERD  @armyofone. Not sure, but I think Gloria Swanson has had some work done. #ReadyForMyBotoxMisterDeMille

JCAZALE  @fredocatWhere’s Brando? Grandstanding by his absence. #custerslasttango

BOBGARFIELD @bobosphere  RT@fredocat.  You mean by his absinthe? loL

FENNER  @mlpmeands  If Emil Jannings wins Best Actor, I’m dumping all my stock. #1929

SKOWALSKI @mbrando   Seriously? Jose Ferrer? Cyrano de Bullshit.  #StreetnamedDisgusted

DNIVEN @pencilline  A streaker! May I never live to experience such embarrassment again. #nutcase

ECKBERGA @swedenothings  Bob Hope crax me up. Thanks for the memories! #USOMySides

HERESJOHNNY @carsonproductions RT@swedenothings  Bob Hope crax me up. Thanks for the memory! #oscarless  Meh.

JGARLAND  @ohauntieem.  That frigid poseur Grace Kelly just took my Oscar right out from under me. Drive carefully, be-atch! #ForeignCountryGirl



JCAZALE  @fredocat  By the way, you fat, arrogant method preener, they don’t come all that easy. I lost to George freakin’ Burns. #OhGod.

PFINCH @networked  Every time I see that mumbling musclebound midget I get madder and madder, and I’m not going to take it anymore. #rockyroad #StyoftheTiger

SISKELANDEBERT @fourthumbs  Harold and Maude FTW!

BHOPE @bobnooscarhope. Anita Ekberg, Grrrrrrrr!  #CallMeBwannaVisitMeInMyTrailer

ROBINWILLIAMS @mork  My in-memoriam was like “The Greatest Show on Earth” and “Million Dollar Baby.” Not the best picture. #mortifying










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  1. David Vawter from Doe-Anderson, February 23, 2015 at 12:21 p.m.

    Hilarious. But "Eye of the Tiger" was from Rocky III, I believe.

    Sorry, gonna fly now.

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