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Smart City Drives Revenue Up 300%

The CIO of San Jose, Calif., said that outfitting his city with better Wi-Fi coverage has not only improved the city's competitiveness, but also contributed to a 300 percent gain in revenues. Speaking at the FierceWireless executive luncheon panel here on "5 Steps to Building a Smart City," Vijay Sammeta, CIO of the city of San Jose, Calif., said that the city's decision to provide free Wi-Fi to convention-goers at its convention center attracted more groups to the convention hall and resulted in more spending on things other than Wi-Fi, such as food and entertainment. "We have seen a 300 percent gain in revenue," Sammeta said. "More tech-focused conferences are now attracted to our city." Sammeta added that the city does charge for additional telecom services such as customization or wired drops at the convention center.

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