Teamsters End Strike Against 'Pittsburgh Post-Gazette'

The Teamsters local that serves truck drivers at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has agreed to return to work after an 18-month strike and to dissolve.  

The labor dispute settlement agreement was unanimously approved by the 23 striking members of Teamster Local 211/205 last week, the Post-Gazette reports.  

But four other unions at the paper, including the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh, have not settled. That union represents reporters, photographers and other newsroom employees, the Post-Gazette continues. 

“The Post-Gazette and Teamsters Local Union 211/205 have amicably settled their strike, which began October 6, 2022,” the Post-Gazette says in a statement. “The parties ended the strike by executing a Labor Dispute Settlement Agreement.” 

The newspaper continues, “The Labor Dispute Settlement Agreement resolves, to the satisfaction of the Local Union and the Post-Gazette, substantially all strike-related issues and health care, including any outstanding National Labor Relations Board actions.” 



The four participating unions went on strike to protest the company’s health insurance offer, the Post-Gazette story continues.  

It was not clear at deadline why the Teamsters local also agreed to dissolve. 

It could be that the Post-Gazette made a satisfactory offer. But fear of job loss could also figure into it – numerous other newspapers throughout the country are reducing print and delivering papers via the post office.  

In any event, Tracey DeAngelo, Post-Gazette president and general manager, said the Teamsters local showed “professionalism and diligent efforts in working to end its strike against the Post-Gazette,” according to the Post-Gazette


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