The new face of politics

I think that the fact that YouTube might be the new face of the political scene, is just a statement about American culture and how far we are willing to push the envelope. We are constantly looking for a new way to put out an old message from the incessant amount of song re-makes, to films, and now it politics.

I actually think that this could actually do a lot of good in getting my generation more involved in politics and to make Americans in general more aware and more in control of their political expressions. This was bound to happen and I think the only thing that might need to be done is to make sure if someone from inside of a political organization does post something, that they have the approval of the person whom they are representing with their words.

While some might say that this is bordering on censorship for those who are working inside of these political camps, if you think about it, it's really no more than what they already have to do. If you put yourself in a position to be in the public eye, it is automatically assumed that you will have to curb some of your activities and actions or face the consequences.

Who knows maybe this might even make politicians more that's just my wishful thinking.



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