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Aaron Paquette

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Aaron Paquette has more than two decades of media research experience, spanning both client-side (CBS, Sony Pictures TV) as well as vendor-side (OTX, Nielsen, Vision Critical, MARU). Aaron's specialties include content testing, brand health and rebranding studies, ad sales research and consumer insights/trends.

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  • Young Adults Rock Midterm Vote in Marketing Insider on 11/08/2018

    What can brands -- and candidates -- learn from this 2018 youthquake?

  • Brands Turn To Tweens To Reach Gen Z in Marketing Insider on 10/11/2018

    It's not just your imagination: social media influencers keep getting younger.

  • Teens Prefer Screens To People in Marketing Insider on 09/13/2018

    How can marketers take advantage of research showing teens' staggering use of phones and social media?

  • How To Recruit Today's Teen Worker in Marketing Insider on 08/09/2018

    It's a seller's market for talent, and companies in some industries are finding it difficult to attract young, entry-level workers.

  • Teens Redefine Gender And Sexuality in Marketing Insider on 07/10/2018

    According to today's teens, gender is more than "he" and "she," and sexual orientation is more than "gay" or "straight." In a new study from the UK market research company Ipsos Mori, about a third of Generation Z identifies as something other than totally heterosexual. And based on a recent University of Minnesota study, almost 3% of Minnesota teens identify as something other than male or female.

  • Teen 'Study Stars' Break the Internet in Marketing Insider on 06/15/2018

    School's out for summer! This year, as students prepared for their final exams, many turned to study videos to help them cope with long hours and late nights. These videos typically aren't instructional; instead, they're just another way teens connect with others online to form a community and share best practices.

  • Teens Demand Safer Summer Jobs in Marketing Insider on 05/10/2018

    As schools let out across the country, spring is quickly turning to summer, which heralds the start of the teen employment season. It's a unique summer: the first one of the #MeToo era.

  • Teens Turn To Trades To Turn A Dollar in Marketing Insider on 04/12/2018

    Today's trend-setting teens are ditching the debt load of a four-year college degree in favor of learning trades and earning technical degrees. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, they're questioning the expense of a college education, as well as the earnings advantage that it traditionally granted. In an economy with unemployment at record lows, jobs in the trades are once again in high demand, and command premium wages.

  • How Brands Can Help Build Better Boys in Marketing Insider on 03/08/2018

    Last month's Parkland tragedy has sparked a much-needed debate about gun control. But it's also renewed another debate: whether teen masculinity is in crisis, and whether that crisis could be a contributing factor to violence in schools.

  • How Brands Can Combat Teen Smartphone Addiction in Marketing Insider on 02/09/2018

    Teens are increasingly addicted to their smartphones, and parents, psychologists and even investors are increasingly concerned about it. Last month, researchers published a study showing that a longstanding rise in teen happiness and satisfaction reversed itself in 2012, probably due to smartphones and social media reaching a critical mass around that time.

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  • For Teens, 'It's A Mall World' No Longer by Aaron Paquette (Engage:Teens on 01/12/2017)

    Funny you should mention that! In my first draft, I also included teen-focused retailers, but had to cut that due to length. Sadly, most teen-focused retailers are also struggling, including A&F and Aeropostale. I do think the department stores still get a fair share of teen traffic and dollars, driven by back-to-school and holiday sales, gift cards and trips with parents. But I don't see the teen-focused brands (or even the major department stores) having the budget to come up with a true omnichannel shopping experience, and see this being the province of a deep-pocketed Amazon, Apple or Walmart. I do see the potential for small stores to retool to draw teens, but more with dining, entertainment and experiential offerings, vs. retail purchases that they can make online. Perhaps they'll be hybrids...come in for a snack, get a makeover, leave with some new makeup, accessories and clothing!

  • The 'Today' Show Vs. Amy Adams: They Both Handled It Wrong by Adam Buckman (TVBlog on 12/23/2014)

    Good points, but one correction...Big Eyes is not a Sony movie. It's a Weinstein Company release (with no Sony involvement I could find on IMDB). So her only link to the Sony hacking scandal is that there was a pay disparity on a previous movie she made for Sony, and that's kind of a tenuous link. Why not ask her about the Bill Cosby controversy, too? I see Today's point that it's a news program that doesn't agree to withhold questions (though I wonder how much that's really enforced), but I also see her point that she has nothing to do with the Sony hack, so why put her on the spot to answer questions about something controversial, contentious and potentially life-threatening that she had no involvement in?

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