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Stan Mack, MediaPost’s roving media cartoonist, pioneered his documentary style of cartooning in the Village Voice and Adweek magazine. A former art director of The New York Times Sunday Magazine, he’s covered “real-life” stories for leading publications, and is the author of several graphic books. You can reach him via email at

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  • Part 8, Feynman in Real MAD on 04/24/2017

  • Part 7, Broadway Bound in Real MAD on 04/17/2017

  • Part 6, Puzzler in Real MAD on 04/10/2017

  • Part 5, Malcode in Real MAD on 04/03/2017

  • Part 4, Internet in Real MAD on 03/27/2017

  • Part 3, Antimatter in Real MAD on 03/20/2017

  • Part 2, Isotopes in Real MAD on 03/13/2017

  • Part 1, Hacked in Real MAD on 03/06/2017

  • Hanoi to Hollywood in Real MAD on 02/27/2017

  • Music To His Ears in Real MAD on 02/21/2017

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