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J. Max Robins has chronicled and critiqued the industry from the birth of modern cable through the advent of Snapchat. The former award-winning editor-in-chief of Broadcasting & Cable, Robins has commented on industry issues for virtually every major media outlet from CNN to the Wall Street Journal. Currently, executive director of The Center for Communication, Robins writes the weekly MediaPost column "TV Everywhere."

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  • Emmy Prediction: We Already Have Our Big Winner  in TV Everywhere on 09/07/2016

    The Emmy Awards are a handful of days away, but we already have a winner: The New TV World Order. If the statue is of a winged woman holding an atom, that atom is finally splitting.

  • Here's Why 'Cait' Was Great in TV Everywhere on 08/24/2016

    When "I Am Cait" became, as Perez Hilton noted, "I Am Cancelled," the demise, after only two seasons, of the series that chronicled Olympian Bruce Jenner's transition to transgender woman Caitlyn Jenner, the inevitable reason given was: the ratings fell of the cliff. Last summer, when "I Am Cait" debuted, 2.7 million viewers tuned in to watch the show E! hailed as "groundbreaking." By the end of season 2, the ratings had dropped by more than 2 million from that blockbuster open.

  • Finally, Something That's Good As Gold in TV Everywhere on 08/10/2016

    Did we need the Rio Games? Oh, yes, like we've never needed an Olympics before. They are a balm to screens everywhere.

  • Ladies' First in TV Everywhere on 07/27/2016

    Watching Michelle Obama's transcendent speech on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention, I thought about the First Lady's recent appearance on the "Late Late Show," where she killed it with host James Corden in Carpool Karaoke. It turned out that singing along to Stevie Wonder, Beyonce and Missy Elliott was a pitch-perfect prelude to her lending a priceless (and necessary) authenticity at the political proceedings, helping to unify the party behind Hillary Clinton.

  • America's Most Media-Savvy Candidate Ever in TV Everywhere on 07/20/2016

    Watching the GOP convention unfold everywhere, from Facebook to Twitter, Twitch to ABC, and Fox News to streaming news service CBSN, has removed any doubt that for better or worse, Donald Trump is the first truly multiplatform presidential candidate.

  • Bearing Live Witness To Tragedy -- And Change in TV Everywhere on 07/13/2016

    Facebook Live, like other streaming tools and social media platforms, quickly became another in a series of essential reporting outlets bringing the most crucial issues of our time up close and personal for everyone who has a screen. The murderous assault on the Dallas police, the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling - both at the hands of the police - and scores of other seemingly avoidable act of gun violence, have become a streaming staple. I'd argue it's of prime importance that cameras bear witness to all the madness and injustice.

  • Independence -- From The Multiplex Screen in TV Everywhere on 07/06/2016

    Whether you were in The Hamptons, the Berkshires or lolling about your backyard somewhere in Westchester or Brooklyn this Fourth of July weekend - lolling about almost anywhere pleasant on earth - chances are your smart set of pals weren't gassing with anticipation about what great movie was in the works. No, that chatter was probably an enthusiastic pitch for what Netflix or Amazon series to binge on.

  • All The News That's Fit to Print -- On Video in TV Everywhere on 06/30/2016

    "The future of media is visual," Mark Thompson said recently. The New York Times CEO was presenting the blue-chip news organization's slate of video series at the NewFronts at the time, obviously banking that ramping up expansion of the Gray Lady's digital offerings would eventually offset tumbling print revenues.

  • Cannes Now Has The Lions' Share in TV Everywhere on 06/22/2016

    No doubt about it: this is the year that the Cannes Lions became known as the must-attend entertainment festival, and not just a big week-long international fete. That Cannes Lions has expanded from its advertising roots goes beyond its recent rebranding as a "Festival of Creativity." What it does speak volumes about how we are at a crucial crossroads of content and technology.

  • ESPN Gets The Juice -- And Ratings -- With O.J. in TV Everywhere on 06/15/2016

    ESPN has been rightly praised for its ambitious five-part documentary, "O.J. Simpson: Made In America," an example of great work that would never have existed if we didn't live in a "TV Everywhere" universe.

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  • Good Grief by J. Max Robins (TV Everywhere on 06/08/2016)

    I love "theya culpa" Ted and plan to steal it from you.

  • MSNBC Makeover And The White House Race by J. Max Robins (TV Everywhere on 03/09/2016)

    Put him in a Dead t-shirt with a flannel shirt over it and yes! You might even hear him screaming "Dark Star!"

  • MSNBC Makeover And The White House Race by J. Max Robins (TV Everywhere on 03/09/2016)

    Thanks for the kudos Bill! 

  • The Beat Of The Drumpf Is Only So Loud by J. Max Robins (TV Everywhere on 03/02/2016)

    I'm a firm believer that there's the news -- in this case a unique and important  White House race -- and that there's always an important story about how the media covers the news. In every national election cycle there is a great deal to be learned about how the media works.  For example, we're seeing the power of multiplatform messaging, as Richard Potter noted in his reply to you, in John Oliver's ability to reach millions of viewers beyond his HBO home base.  There's much to be learned by all in the media business from how Oliver and his savvy team tell a story and sell it.  I must say Tim,  I'm not sure what you mean by "political vitriol."  This is an opinion column/blog that I hope conveys an informed, transparent point of view. BTW: a number of people have noted Oliver's Trump takedown has been almost as popular with Republicans as it has been with those on the other side of the aisle.  I hope you keep reading Tim. Great to hear from you. 

  • Univision, Ramos -- And Trump's Schadenfreude-ian Slip by J. Max Robins (TV Everywhere on 02/24/2016)

    Self-identified Hispanics in the GOP Nevada caucuses reprent only 8% of those who participated. Of those, Trump did better than Rubio or Cruz -- a miniscule part of the Latino electorate is represented in that sample. The TPM headline is most misleading and clickbait more than anything else.  Thanks for reading. 

  • Study Shows Binge-ing Is The New Normal by J. Max Robins (TV Everywhere on 07/15/2015)

    In response to your observation Ed, the TiVo study showed that almost two-thirds of those who opted into the survey had binge-watched at least once a month or more.  I'd contend that that denotes a fundamental way in which the audience consumes programming.  

  • Netflix's 'House Of Cards' Raises Product Placement Stakes by J. Max Robins (Content Marketing Insider on 01/16/2015)

    Thanks PJ! Sometimes it's seamless and other times it ain't.

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