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Michele Harris

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Founder and CEO of Smarti Solutions, Michele Harris provides smarts in the areas of marketing, business development consulting and agency selection to help businesses prosper. Michele has managed hundreds of reviews for Advertising Agencies, Public Relations Firms, Branding, Digital, Media and Marketing Companies, adding value on both sides. Prior, Michele held senior client services and business development roles at premier advertising agencies and digital marketing companies including Lowe Lintas, Blue Marble ACG, K2 Digital and Dentsu Advertising, managing clients including: P&G, Cadillac/GM, CIBC Oppenheimer, TDWaterhouse, Audio Book Club, S&P, Canon USA, Japan Airlines. She has been covered by The NY Times, PR Week, Inc. Magazine, CNN’s Money and Crain's BtoB Magazine. For marketing, business development or agency selection needs, visit

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  • How to Find an Agency You'll Love in MAD on 02/12/2016

    Sure, you can throw a rock and practically hit a PR, digital, creative or any kind of marketing agency. Finding the right one perfectly suited to your situation? That's an entirely different matter. Most companies start off by developing an RFP and sending it out to a long list of agencies. They are often surprised by a lackluster response.

  • How To Pitch VC Funders in Marketing Daily on 01/26/2015

    If you ever get the opportunity to help a client pitch venture capital funders, go for it.

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