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Shawn Kemp

Member since March 2015Contact Shawn

  • Co-Founder ActionSprout
  • Twitter: @shawnkemp
  • Bellingham Washington
  • 98225 USA

Shawn Kemp is co-founder of ActionSprout, where he helps power people’s ability to create lasting change by connecting organizations with their supporters.

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  • How Local Campaigns Can Compete On Facebook Amidst Presidential Noise in Marketing: Politics on 11/03/2015

    According to a recent report by NPR, in mid-October, Ben Carson's campaign was juggling 240 different Facebook advertisements with nearly every single one targeted to a different subset of voters. It is stats like this that make it no surprise that Facebook is on track to reap the largest upside of ad dollars from the 2016 cycle, more so than Google even. In fact, according to estimates by Citi Research, 40% of all digital ad spend for open federal seats will be spent on Facebook, totaling $428 million. And that's just national races.

  • Implications Of Facebook Data Rules On Political Campaigns in Marketing: Politics on 10/06/2015

    In 2007 at its f8 conference, Facebook unveiled open access to its social graph, the map of how its users are interconnected and the information they share with one another. In fact, Facebook strongly encouraged developers to build apps on top of the social graph saying, "... any developer worldwide can build full social applications on top of the social graph, inside of Facebook."

  • Using Facebook To Reach The Female Electorate in Marketing: Politics on 09/01/2015

    Female voters largely determined the outcomes of many races in 2012, not the least of which was the presidency --with President Barack Obama winning the female vote by 12 points. While women are not a monolithic voting bloc, 2012 shined a light on the fact that women do have succinct policy priorities. At the time, Gallup polled men and women in swing states finding that men ranked jobs and the economy as the two most important election issues. Women placed abortion and jobs as number one and two, with gender equality at number five. Clearly, there are female-centric issues for campaigns to consider and address.

  • Campaigns Beat The Mass Market Noise With Social Signal in Marketing: Politics on 08/04/2015

    It's getting harder to break through the noise. With 16 Republicans vying for a spot on the final party ticket, what would traditionally be a time of quietly stuffing the war chest to create fear among rival candidates has become open season.

  • Using A Social Echo To Influence Target Audiences in Marketing: Politics on 07/07/2015

    Media systems dependency theory, courtesy of Baran and Davis, tells us that the more a person depends on having their needs met by media, the more important it becomes and the more influence it will have in their life. This is significant in light of recent Pew Center research finding that 61% of Millennials and more than half of Gen Xers say they rely on Facebook for political news.

  • Social Listening Critical to Keeping Constituents' Pulse  in Marketing: Politics on 06/02/2015

    Campaigning is a balancing act of consistent messaging, not being caught off-guard by adversarial campaigns, and effectively attacking from a position of strength all while constantly appealing to constituents. All this happens in a very fluid environment of news events, October surprises and changing tides of consumer opinion.

  • Facebook Advertising Matters For Political Fundraising in Marketing: Politics on 05/05/2015

    It is 18 long - and short - months before the next major election. And while it's too early to predict the winners (though many will try between now and then), one thing we know for sure is that having a sufficient war chest is imperative to campaign success.

  • What We Learned From The Midterm Elections in Marketing: Politics on 04/07/2015

    Ted Cruz just flagged the beginning of the 2016 election cycle. With hats now officially being thrown into the ring, it's a good time to look back at what went well in social marketing at the midterms and what could be improved upon for the 2016 cycle.

  • Lessons From The Savviest Facebook Senators in Marketing: Politics on 03/31/2015

    Social media is emerging as a key way for politicians and political organizations to engage and activate voters. To better understand how politicians are faring with audience engagement, we analyzed each U.S. senator's Facebook page and how well the content on it engaged its intended audience.

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