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Jon Bond

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  • AI Will Start Displacing Agency Staffers In 2018 in MAD on 12/21/2017

    Creative directors have nothing to fear--yet. But lower level art directors, writers and production people do as AI begins to take on intensive tasks.

  • Australian Rules Advertising in MAD on 07/26/2016

    Your favorite Chief Tomorroist (and Mediapost contributor) Jon Bond recently sat down with Sean Cummins of Cummins&Partners to discuss a new concept hitting the agency world: Australian Rules Advertising. Fresh off a Mumbrella Agency of the Year win, Cummins gives Bond (and now you) the inside scoop.

  • Why Everyone In Ad Tech Hates Their CRO in MAD on 03/28/2016

    Marketing in the ad tech space, however, is generally poor and of the "spray and pray" variety: poorly conceived generic ideas, non-strategic PR activities, and pay-to-play conferences that have limited credibility. Prospect email addresses are for sale resulting in endless spam. And as the headlines make very clear, ad tech firms AREN'T making their numbers; hence, everyone hates their Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). The approaches that worked for them as they climbed the sales ladder in the 2000s are increasingly ineffective...the straight ahead charge is like running into a brick wall, which only works if you are on platform 9 3/4 heading to Hogwarts. For those of us in the Muggle world though - we need a different kind of "MAGIC."

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  • Does Social Media Mean You Should Rethink Your Brand? Yes, For At Least One Brand by Catharine P. Taylor (Social Media Insider on 02/10/2011)

    Richard Kirshenbaum and I wrote the imelda macros ad. The first in Cole's 25 year old " current events" campaign. The later ads ( after Kenneth took the business in house) Never lived up to the original ads. Imelda marcos and her 2500 shoes, c' mon, that's comical. The ad would've been tweeted around the universe today and have worked even better.the problem with the current ads isn't social media, it's bad advertising seen as trying to profit from major disasters. The purpose of the campaign was social. No media plan, we'd wait for an event and then respond in real time. Sound familiar? The underlying principles of viral have little to do with social media, they have to do with human nature, which hasn't changed.

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