• Wearables Ownership Hits 56%
    Thanks to smartwatches and fitness bands, the wearables market marches on. More than half of U.S. adults who know about wearables now own at least one of the devices.
  • Walmart, Apple Partner For Voice Shopping
    Voice Order, announced earlier this year, gives Walmart customers the option to add items to their online grocery cart by saying the words.
  • Millennial Parents Turn To Tech To Treat Their Children
    Millennial parents would consider a range of high-tech treatments for the health and wellness of their children, depending on where they live. A majority (52%) of U.S. parents and 60% of U.K. parents would be very comfortable allowing a properly tested, fully functional 3D printed heart to be implanted in their child in the future.
  • Grocer Adds AI-Powered Smart Shopping Carts
    The Caper Smart Cart, from New York-based Caper, includes an interactive screen and autonomous checkout technology.
  • 82% Of Black Friday Week Shoppers Plan To Buy Tech Devices
    Tech devices are the hot items for holiday shoppers. About half (49%) the U.S. population plans to shop during Black Friday week (Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday) and 82% of those shoppers plan to purchase tech devices and accessories.
  • CVS Makes First Residential Drone Delivery
    CVS see "big potential" in drone delivery in rural communities where consumers cannot conveniently reach stores for "life-saving medications."
  • Most Prepared For Self-Driving Cars: Netherlands, Singapore, Norway, U.S.
    The international study ranked consumer acceptance, infrastructure, technology and innovation and policy and legislation.
  • Most Desired Smartphone Features: Battery Life, Storage, Camera Quality
    Consumers still most desire the basics. Features such as augmented reality are at the bottom of the list in new study.
  • Smartphone Growth Returns: Samsung Market Share Hits 21%, Apple 12%
    In Q3, global smartphone shipments grew 2% -- the first period of growth in two years.
  • Artificial Intelligence 10 Years Out
    Artificial intelligence has evolved over a long number of years but now it appears to be getting into high gear. Many consumers already are users or at least familiar with voice assistant like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
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