• 'GTA' Lawsuit: Gamers' Offense Actually Underwhelming
    The biggest fuss that's been made so far over "Grand Theft Auto IV"'s content has been the Mothers Against Drunk Driving getting into a tizzy about the fact that your character is able to get tanked and get behind the wheel of a car. Weigh that against the $500 million Rockstar and Take-Two raked in during he game's first weekend -- the largest entertainment launch in history -- and it's a relatively minor hiccup in the game's lifecycle.
  • Interlocking Sandboxes
    Create a sandbox for the player, then once they've branded that sandbox with their influence, connect that sandbox with other sandboxes. This model is starting to reach maturity -- and it is terribly exciting. There are a few issues that need to be worked out, though.
  • Can Nintendo Survive Without Geeks?
    Nintendo suffered a brief PR fiasco last weekend when the director of marketing for its European division, Laurent Fischer, dismissed concerns that the Wii's memory space was too small, saying that only "geeks and otaku" would want more storage space on their Wii. For those who don't routinely use Japanese slang in their day-to-day conversation, Wikipedia describes "otaku" as often having "significantly greater negative connotation than geek does in the West, especially as the term geek has become less derogatory. The term otaku in Japanese occasionally suggests a creepy, obsessive loner who rarely leaves the house."
  • Who's Playing What?
    According to a Nielsen study (via IGN), people across all age ranges are playing a lot of Xbox360. The Xbox360 accounted for over 50% of console use across the study, the Wii accounted for between about 25-30%, and the PS3 accounted for only about 12-20%.
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