• Game Handheld Forecast: 2011
    The handheld market had been on a rise since the original GameBoy. But 2010 was not a friendly year for handheld gaming, or rather, dedicated handheld gaming. In 2011, the two companies behind dedicated handheld systems are desperately trying to survive. I specify "dedicated handheld gaming," because yes, if you look at NPD's numbers for the Nintendo DS and the varients of Sony's PSP, the state of handhelds looks dire. But among everyone I've talked to about the subject, one of the key rationalizations for buying an iPad is the ability to play games. I'd very much argue that Apple's …
  • Microsoft, Riot Games Eventually Embrace Amateur Developers
    In the world of gaming, talented but amateur creators have a complicated relationship with the brands they love. Sometimes, they create new content on top of an existing game, and that content is embraced by the original developer.
  • The Verizon iPhone Cometh
    Next month will bring the advent of Verizon's iPhone. This is extremely relevant for gaming, as perhaps the biggest gap between Android and the iOS devices is the maturity of their game development. The iPhone is a gaming platform that is freaking out the likes of Nintendo and Sony, and a success Microsoft desperately would like to emulate with WP7.
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