• Color And The Future Of Mobile-Social Gaming
    This week, photo-sharing start-up Color made huge news by securing a boatload of venture capital, banking on the idea that people in close proximity to one another will want to share photos. CEO Dan Nguyen said that Color was designed to be used with groups, but its effect is often to connect strangers through their photos on their mobile phones.
  • Girl Gamers: An Untapped Demographic
    We've gotten quite used to talking about the staggering numbers of women playing games when talking about casual or social games. But typically, these gamers do not self-identify as "gamers." It is the core gaming audience that largely self-identifies with the hobby.
  • 'Birds' Flock To Facebook
    Great news for people who love birds and hate pigs: this week Rovio, developer of some of the top iPhone games, announced that it's bringing its marquee title "Angry Birds" to Facebook, adding in new features to make the game social-network-friendly.
  • If You Can't Beat 'Em, Invite 'Em In
    Hackers. Most companies rue the term and the people it refers to. In many cases, this is with good reason. As an example, just this past month a multi-million-dollar security company looking for government contracts was totally destroyed by (apparently) a 16-year-old girl.
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