• Augmented Reality On The DSi
    A few weeks ago I had a conversation with Mobile Insider Steve Smith about the future of augmented reality for games. We covered near every aspect of the topic (or so I thought), from the practicality of certain technology implementations, to the PlayStation Eye. I think we failed to discuss the impact the Nintendo DSi would bring to the space, though....
  • Casual Has to Stay
    Last week, my co-columnist Josh called for the elimination of the term "casual games," and now this week, it seems only fair that I call for the exact opposite.
  • Casual Has To Go
    I'm fed up, I've had enough, and I'm not going to take it anymore. Everyone seems to be aware of the issue, but no one is standing up and offering a solution. So here goes nothing: The term "casual" has to go.
  • 'Dead Space': Prophetic Title For Game Not Meant For Wii?
    Apropos of the column my fellow Gaming Insider Josh Lovison wrote a short time ago about "hardcore" titles being released on "casual platforms," GamesIndustry.biz posted an interesting interview with Glenn Schofield, developer of the horror-survival hit "Dead Space," which is currently being adapted for the Nintendo Wii -- not a platform often associated with gruesome horror titles. Schofield is optimistic about "Dead Space"'s chances on the Wii (as any good general manager ought to be), but the utter flop that was "Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars" might prove prophetic.
  • The Social Connection
    Human beings are undeniably social creatures. Gamers are, too. So the gaming landscape is beginning to look very interesting as platforms become increasingly connected, and social networks become increasingly open. For example, Facebook Connect has opened up an API for the iPhone. The iPhone happens to also be seeing quite a bit of success with games. The two are already merging in some initial game efforts, but the growth potential is huge.
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