• Will Apple's Anti-Flash Stance Affect Mobile Gaming?
    This week, Apple impresario Steve Jobs put a shot across Adobe's bow, explaining in detail why the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad (The "iPlatforms," hereafter) do not and will not in the future support Adobe Flash. This of course has major implication for the Web as a whole, but this is the Gaming insider -- what does it mean for games?
  • The Hidden Dangers Of 'Life Gaming'
    I recently spoke to a class at USC, and in the Q&A afterward was asked a very interesting question: "Do you think everything will be a game?" It's a question I've been pondering for a while, but actually being asked by someone forced me into an answer.
  • Free-To-Play Games Free Up Game Market
    Game developers like Zynga have thrown a major spotlight on social gaming with titles like "Farmville" and "Cafeworld." At the same time, these games are bucking another major trend, that of subscription online gaming. The model that made "World of Warcraft" such a huge money-maker for Blizzard and Activision might be ready to surrender to so-called "Free to Play" games.
  • IPad, IAd, And Me
    The iPad cometh -- and with it, apps. And games. And ads.Rumor is, on April 7 Apple will reveal what it's done with Quattro and showcase the future of the ad platform for its mobile operating system. This announcement could, in a very real way, mobilize (pun intended) casual gaming ad opportunities.
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