• Game Over
    Big news this week ---news that is going to ripple well beyond gaming. Starting Nov. 19, in concert with the launch of the new Xbox 360 Dashboard, the console is going to be able to stream video from Netflix,in HD.
  • Sony Chickens Out with 'Little Big Planet' Delay
    The PS3 thus far hasn't had incredible luck with securing exclusive titles -- aside from "Metal Gear Solid 4," the platform's exclusives haven't been the huge sellers that games like "Halo 3" and "Gears of War" have been for the Xbox 360. This month, however, Sony was scheduled to release what was (and still is, in all likelihood) shaping up to be a major hit -- "Little Big Planet."
  • What Marketers Can Learn from 'Fable II'
    "Fable II" is set to launch this coming week -- it is a highly anticipated console title from UK game studios Lionhead, a sequel to a fantasy-based game for the original Xbox. The game promises dynamic alteration to the character and game world based on user behavior. Oh, and this post has very little to do with the game itself. In fact, the game is besides the point. What's been very interesting are the marketing efforts surrounding the game, and how those tie together with the title. There is some serious ground being broken here.
  • Latest Casual Game Hit Breeds Hype
    Last week Forbes published an article declaiming that video game publishers are shifting their attention to the casual game market, stating that the bulk of growth is coming in the casual sector -- a major reversal from just two months ago, when the mag declared a "Casual Gold Bust," saying that the casual games market was so flooded, developers were having difficulty carving out a niche there. The article's thesis revolves around "Spore," the recently released god game that allows you to shepherd an alien race from single-celldom to galactic empire.
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