• Nintendo's Recession Outlook: Maybe Heading For Gloomsville
    The Nintendo Wii was the clear leader in the Console Wars in 2008, but that may be about to change in 2009. Yesterday the company cut its yearly profit projection by one-third, with analysts prognosticating that this could be the sign of a major slowdown in the demand for the console. Nintendo's stock tumbled 12% following the news, and although the slowdown of hardware sales is bad enough news, the outlook for Nintendo's software sales is even gloomier.
  • The PC Numbers Game
    It's January -- the month when analysts get to discuss the sales of gaming hardware and software from Q4. And I'm very dissatisfied. There is a major problem in the industry, a gaping niche that needs to be filled. The PC sales numbers are all over the place. The problem lies with digital distribution, and the lack of significant tracking.
  • Home Vs. Live: Where's the Best Place for Brands?
    Last week, my fellow Gaming Insider Josh Lovison touched on the launch of Playstation Home and what it means for Sony. Along with the release of Home comes this develoment: now both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 have an arena for brand marketers to reach gamers independent of in-game advertising or integration opportunities. Already, brands are setting up virutal stores and events in the Playstation Home environment, and the new update of the Xbox Live "Experience" has made the XBL environment more marketer-friendly, with the advent of premium themes and branded destinations.
  • Home During The Holidays
    Between Christmas, Hanukah, and New Year's, tons of people went home for the holidays. Including to Sony's Home on the PS3, the virtual world that launched in open beta right before the break.
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