• Game Consoles, Meet Netflix
    Yeah, yeah -- Netflix is on everything from an iPad to a toaster these days, right? What's so newsworthy about some new devices getting it? Well, this week marked the end of Microsoft's "exclusivity" for Netflix software in game consoles, which may bring repercussions during this holiday season.
  • 'Duke Nukem' Dev Builds Goodwill With Community Project
    Any gaming enthusiast worth his or her salt knows the troubled tale of "Duke Nukem Forever," and its journey from hotly anticipated title to potential vaporware and back again. Announced back in 1997, the game's been through multiple developers, publishers, and graphics engines, and will finally be released -- maybe -- early next year.
  • 'Gamer' Is Too Broad A Label
    We've reached a point where the terms "gaming" and "gamer" are just too broad. Too many people play games regularly these days. Eight years ago, Blockbuster got blowback from gamers for trying to stereotype. While its ad campaign was intentionally far-fetched, it was seen as insulting by the gamer population at the time. But there was a general gamer population to target. This is no longer the case.
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