• PS3 Ramps Up From Slow Start
    Finally some good news for Sony: In January, the Playstation brand posted its highest numbers in its history, as PS3 sales began to pick up, taking the first few steps toward closing the gap between it and the market leader, the Xbox 360.
  • Spicing Up The Lure Of Free Stuff
    I was going to get this column done last night, but I was too busy trying to squeeze as many Gamerscore points as possible out of "Call of Duty 2" before moving on to "Lost Planet." Why would I shirk my duties as a columnist to increase a meaningless number on my Xbox Live profile? Why, free stuff, of course.
  • MSN Gets Casual
    Microsoft this week announced an initiative offering to share advertising revenue with game developers who have titles hosted on its MSN Games site. The share is a two-tiered scheme, offering 10% of the takings for simple games, and 20% for more involved games with at least 10 hours of gameplay and ESRB ratings.
  • Legal Issues Plague Virtual Sales
    This week, online auction house eBay banned the sale of "virtual goods" from massively multiplayer online games. The why of eBay's move is a little bit elusive. Hani Durzi, a spokesman for the company, said that the decision was made due to "legal complexities" surrounding the sale of online goods.
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