• Paramount Joins The Game
    Paramount recently became the second studio (after Warner Bros.) to pursue video game publisher ambitions. Yesterday in Variety, Sandi Isaacs, Paramount's senior vice president of interactive and mobile, and Matt Candler, Paramount's new vice president of interactive development, discussed the company's move into the interactive entertainment business: "We are entering into deals now where we will be publishing games this year," Isaacs said. "There's going to be a slate where in some cases we're publishing, in some cases we're co-publishing, or in others we're funding development and another publisher buys it. It's important for us to have a flexible model."
  • Rockin' Sales
    Harmonix released some incredible numbers this week about its title "Rock Band," reporting that there have been over six million songs purchased as downloadable content in the three months since the title's release. This roughly compares to the sales figures seen by iTunes in its first few months.
  • Console Wars: Sony (Surprisingly) Leads While Xbox Cuts Prices
    The big news in the gaming world this week is the Xbox 360's massive price cut in Europe, bringing the cheapest Xbox model's price tag below even the Wii's. The conventional wisdom is that Microsoft is looking to protect its lead over Sony with this move. One analyst predicted that the European price cut could boost sales of the consoles by 20%.
  • IGame?
    Wow. The iPhone SDK conference was yesterday, and what was shown was precisely what every iPhone user, iPod Touch owner, or mobile developer wants. The fact that executives from both EA and Sega were brought in to speak confirms that Apple is betting on iPhone gaming as a big share of its application library.
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